Wednesday 11 July 2012

Catholic philosopher warns of threat to Catholic schools from same sex 'marriage'

The Scottish Catholic philosopher John Haldane recently warned of the risks to Catholic schools if same sex 'marriage' goes ahead:

Once the immediate issue of gay ‘marriage’ is resolved and especially if it is done in a way that is seem to represent a defeat for the Church it will not be long before the issue of schooling is returned to,” he warned. “Now with the additional complaint that given Catholic teachings on sex and marriage, Catholic schools are at best an obstacle and at worst a real and present threat to the establishment and civility. (Scottish Catholic Observer)

There seems little doubt that what can be said and not said about homosexuality and same sex 'marriage' within schools will be one of the key issues that would emerge in the aftermath the introduction of nu-marriage.

Meanwhile, we wait with bated breath for the results of the consultation on same sex 'marriage' in Scotland. The Herald tells us it's all been sewn up and despite an overwhelming response against its introduction to the consultation process, the Scottish Cabinet meeting on 17 July will go ahead and introduce it anyway. Anyway, the ever excellent Cardinal O'Brien, has 'been accused of declaring war' on nu-marriage:

The bishops of Scotland are so concerned by threats to marriage that 26 August has been set aside as Support Marriage Sunday.

Quite why the normally astute SNP leadership would want to stir up this particular hornets' nest is beyond me. As noted by Eddie Barnes:

Pressing ahead with the plans would leave Mr Salmond’s careful wooing of the Catholic Church over the last two decades in tatters, and motivate thousands of opponents in the run-up to the referendum.

But there we have it. The prospect of a long and bitter struggle against this piece of cultural vandalism confusing and colouring the debate over independence. 

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  1. It is impossible to see how, despite what apologists for it say,ssm is not going to impact adversely on the ability of Catholic schools to teach what they should teach on this.