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As part of this blog's aim is to restore an interest in Catholicism's rich heritage of scholastic philosophy and theology, I aim to build up a resource for online materials in this area. (Expect this to be slow, intermittent, and idiosyncratic!) Please let me know of any broken links or any suggested additions/comments: You will also find relevant material in my collections of links to Father Copleston's bibliography, here.

(As from 9/8/13, I'll put the date for the last updating of each entry in square brackets at the end of the entry: this should give a sense of how likely it is to still be up to date (eg) in its information on the non-availability of volumes. Anything undated can be assumed not to have been checked since July 2013.)

Complete works:

Primary sources (see below for neo-Scholastic primary sources and for websites devoted to particular authors):

Gilles de Lessines (died 1304) De unitate formae (here). [Gilles de Lessines: Wikipedia (French), here.] [9/8/13]

Godfrey of Fontaines (c. 1250-1309) Quodlibets [I-IV, here; V-VII, here; VIII-X, here; XI-XIV, here; XV (and three ordinary questions), here.] [Godfrey of Fontaines: Wikipedia, here; Stanford Encyclopedia, here. See also Wulf (1904) (here). [9/8/13]

Scotellus (Peter of Aquila) (died 1361) Commentaria in 4 libros sententiarum magistri Petri Lombardi [Vol. 1, here; vol. 2, here; vol. 3 and 4, here. Article on Scotellus, here. [Commentaries are compendium of Scotist doctrines.] ] [20/9/13]

Baroque super-systems:

A new venture (17/7/14) and inspired by the term found in Suarez: Between Scholasticism and Modernity (by Jose Pereira). (Bibliographic details here but full text not online.) Essentially, seventeenth and eighteenth century systematized versions of mediaeval theological and philosophical systems inspired by Suarez, but taking authors other than Aquinas as their starting point. (Super because they combine theology and philosophy into a coherent whole.) Taken from the bibliography at the end of Pereira's chapter one.

[Whilst under construction, many texts seem available here. Irritatingly, links shown go straight to download which are usually pretty long.]

Scotist super-systems (Franciscan) [last update 17/6/14]

Claude Frassen: biography here.

Frassen, Claude (1620-1711) Scotus Academicus (1672):

1900-02 edition:

Tome 1: here De Deo in Se Subsistente
Tome 2: here. De Deo Intelligente et Volente
Tome 3: here De Sanctissimae Trinitatis Mysterio.
Tome 4: here. De Angelis.
Tome 5: here. De Formatione et Ordinatione Creaturarum Corporalium et de Mirando Hominis Opificio
Tome 6: here De legibus
Tome 7: here De Divini Verbi Incarnatione.
Tome 8: here. De Divino Gratiae Benficio et de Virtutibus.
Tome 9: here. De Sacramentis in Genere
Tome 10: here De Baptismo; De Poenitentia; De Extrema Unctione.
Tome 11: here. De Eucharistia et Confirmatione.
Tome 12: here. De Ordine et Matrimonio.

Frassen, Claude (1620-1711)

Philosophia academica: 1767 Venice edition here

Disquisitiones Biblicae: Vol. I 1682 Paris edition here. Vol II 1770 Lucca edition here. [Think I've got the editions right!]

Secondary sources (and primary neo-Scholastic sources):


De Wulf, M. (1910) Scholasticism Old and New: An Introduction to Scholastic Philosophy Ancient and Modern (here). Internet archive: full text. [Book review: Philosophical Review (1908) here.] [9/8/13]

De Wulf, M. (1922a) Mediaeval Philosophy Illustrated from the System of Thomas Aquinas (here). Internet archive: full text. [9/8/13]

De Wulf, M. (1922b) Philosophy and Civilization in the Middle Ages (here). Internet archive: full text. [9/8/13]

Garrigou-Lagrange, R [Most works available here.] [19/05/14]

Harper, Thomas (1879) The Metaphysics of the School (vol 1: Here; vol II: Here; vol III (part 1): Here; vol III (part 2): Not available (may not have been published)) [Biography of Harper from Catholic Encyclopedia: Here.]

Joyce, George Hayward (1914) The question of miracles [here] [28/12/13]

Joyce, George Hayward (1916) Principles of Logic [here] [28/12/13]

Jung, Hwa Yol (1962) God, man and politics: The political philosophy and theology of Jacques Maritain [PhD thesis, here] [17/9/13]

Maritain, J. (1937a) An Introduction to Philosophy [here]. [17/9/13]

Maritain, J. (1937b) The Degrees of Knowledge [here] [17/9/13]

Maritain, J. (1943) The Twilight of Civilization [here] [17/9/13]

Maritain, J. (1945) A Preface to Metaphysics. [here] [17/9/13]

Maritain, J. (1946) An Introduction to Logic [here]. [Scan is irritatingly arranged vertically.] [17/9/13]

Maritain, J. (1947) The Philosophy of Art (here). [17/9/13]

Maritain, J. (1954) Approaches to God (here).  [17/9/13]

Mercier, D-J (1912) Elements of Logic (here). [12/9/13]

Mercier, D-J (1916-17) A Manual of Modern Scholastic Philosophy (vol 1: here; vol 2: here) [Biography of Cardinal Mercier: Wikipedia, here; George Tyrell's reply to Cardinal Mercier's attack on modernism: here] [12/9/13]

Mercier, D-J (1918) The Origins of Contemporary Psychology (here). [12/9/13]

Mullahy, Bernard I. (1946) Thomism and Mathematical Physics (Here.) Internet archive: full text.

Pègues, Thomas. (1922) Catechism of the Summa theologica of Saint Thomas Aquinas. (Here.) [14/7/14]

Perrier, Joseph Louis (1909) The Revival of Scholastic Philosophy in the Nineteenth Century (Here.) Internet archive: full text.

Phillips, Richard Percival (1934) Modern Thomistic Philosophy: An Explanation for Students (Here.) Internet archive: only vol. 1 from a two volume work.

Rickaby, Joseph (1908) Scholasticism (here).[Wikipedia article: here] [28/12/13]


Other works by Joseph Rickaby (from Wikipedia article):

Aquinas Ethicus, a translation of the principal portions of the Second Part of the Summa Theologica, in two volumes: Volume 1and Volume 2 (1892)
Notes on St. Paul: Corinthians, Galatians, Romans (1898)
Oxford & Cambridge Conferences 1897-1899 (1899)
Political and Moral Essays (1902)
Free Will and Four English Philosophers: Hobbes, Locke, Hume and Mill (1906)
The Divinity of Christ a lecture(1906)
Scholasticism (1908)
Four-Square: or, The Cardinal Virtues (1908)
Newman Memorial Sermon (1910)
An Index to the Works of John Henry Cardinal Newman (1914)
Moral Philosophy: Ethics, Deontology and Natural Law (1918)
Of God and His Creatures (annotated, abridged translation of the Summa Contra Gentiles), by Saint Thomas Aquinas
Stonyhurst Philosophical Series: [28/12/13]

Clarke, Richard F. (1921) Logic [here][28/12/13]

Joyce, George Hayward [see personal entry][28/12/13]

Maher, Michael (1915) Psychology Empirical and Rational [Online HTML, here; internet archive, here][28/12/13]

Rickaby, John [brother of Joseph Rickaby] (1888) The First Principles of Knowledge [Internet archive: here] [24/04/14]

Rickaby, Joseph [see personal entry][28/12/13]

Walker, Leslie J. (1910) Theories of knowledge, absolutism, pragmatism, realism [Internet archive: here; online HTML text, here][28/12/13]

Herbert Lucas[28/12/13]


Windle, B.C.A. (1920) Vitalism and Scholasticism (here).[12/9/13]


Alamanni, Cosmo (1885)  [1558-1634] Summa philosophiae ex variis libris D. Thomae Aquinatis Doctoris Angelici. (Vol 1, here; vol. 2, here; vol. 3, here.) [20/9/13]

Capreolus, Johannes (various c 1900) Defensiones theologiæ divi Thomæ Aquinatis (vol 1, here; vol. 2, here; vol. 3, here; vol. 4, here; vol. 5, here; vol. 6, here; vol. 7, here.) [Article on Capreolus, here.] [20/9/13]

Jouin, R. P Ludovico (1874) Elementa Philosophiae Moralis (Here.) Internet Archive: full text (Latin).

Jouin, R. P Ludovico (1884) Compendium Logicae et Metaphysicae (Here.) Open Library: full text (Latin).

Lortie, Stanislas-Alfred (1917) Philosophiae christianae ad mentem s. Thomae Aquinatis exposita. (Vol. 1, here; vol. 2, here; vol. 3, here.) [20/9/13]

Signoriello, Nunzio (1872) Lexicon Peripateticum Philosophico-Theologicum in quo Scholasticorum Distinctiones et Effata Praecipua Explicantur (Here.) Internet archive: full text (Latin).

Tanquerey, A. (1919) Brevior synopsis theologiae dogmaticae. Here. Internet archive: full text (Latin).

Tanquerey, A. (1921) Synopsis theologiae dogmaticae ad mentem s. Thomae Aquinatis hodiernis moribus accommodata: vol. 1, De Vera Religione, De Ecclesia, De Fontibus Revelationis here; vol. 2, de Fide, de Deo Uno et Trino, de Deo Creante et Elevante, de Verbo Incarnato here; vol. 3, de Deo Sanctificante et Remuneratore seu de Gratia, de Sacramentis et de Novissimis  here. Internet archive: all three volumes (Latin).

Tanquerey, A. (1922) Synopsis Theologiae Moralis et Pastoralis. I: De Paenitentia, de Matrimonio et Ordine, here; II: Theologia moralis fundamentalis. De virtutibus et praeceptis, here; III: De virtute justitiae et de variis statuum obligationibus, here. Internet archive: all three volumes (Latin).

Other languages:

Corriol, Abbé Compendium de la philosophie chrétienne comparée avec les doctrines des philosophes anciens et des philosophes modernes (vol 1, here; vol 2 here). (French). [17/9/13]

De Wulf, M. (1894) Histoire de la philosophie scolastique dans les Pays-Bas et la principauté de Liége jusu'à la révolution française (here). Open library: full text (French). [9/8/13]

De Wulf, M. (1904) Etudes sur la vie, les oeuvres et l'influence de Godefroid de Fontaines (here). Internet archive: full text (French). [9/8/13]

De Wulf, M. (1913) Précis d'histoire de philosophie (here). Open library: full text (French.) [9/8/13]

Gilson, E. (1921) Études de philosophie médiévale (here). (French.) [17/9/13]

Gilson, E. (1922) Le thomisme; introduction au système de saint Thomas d'Aquin (here). (French.) [17/9/13]

Hugon, E Les vingt quatre thèses thomistes (commentary on the theses extracted from La Revue Thomiste) [Here.] [9/10/13]

Krakowski, Édouard (1915) Les sources médiévales de la philosophie de Locke (here). Open library: full text (French). [13/9/13]

Les professeurs de l'Institut supérieur de philosophie de l'Université catholique de Louvain (ed.) (1921) Traité élémentaire de philosophie à l'usage des classes (Here (vol 1) and Here (vol 2).) Internet archive: full text (French).

Mahieu, Léon (1921) François Suarez sa philosophie et les rapports qu'elle a avec sa théologie (here). A fairly critical examination of Suarez's views. Open library: full text (French.) [8/8/13]

Marcos de Santa Teresa (1805) Compendio Moral Salmaticense (Spanish) [Here] (biography (Spanish) here) [9/10/13]

Maritain, J. (1922) Antimoderne (here). (French.) [17/9/13]

Pègues, Thomas (Various, c. 1907) Commentaire français littéral de la Somme Théologique de Saint Thomas d'Aquin:

                         Vol. 1: Here. Treatise on God. [20/9/13]
                         Vol. 2: Here. Treatise on the Trinity. [20/9/13]
                         Vol. 3: Here. Treatise on Angels. [20/9/13]
                         Vol. 4: Here. Treatise on Man. [20/9/13]
                         Vol. 5: Here. Treatise on Divine Government. [20/9/13]
                         Vol. 6: Here. Beatitude and Human Acts. [20/9/13]
                         Vol. 7: Here. Passions and Habitus. [20/9/13]
                         Vol. 8: Here. Virtues and Vices. [20/9/13]
                         Vol. 9: Here. Law and Grace. [20/9/13]
                         Vol. 10: Here. Faith, Hope and Charity. [20/9/13]
                         Vol. 11: Here. Prudence and Justice. [20/9/13]
                         Vol. 12: Here. Religion and other Virtues related to Justice. [20/9/13]
                         Vol. 13: Here. Force and Temperance.  [20/9/13]
                         Vol. 14: Here. States of Life. [20/9/13]
                         Vol. 15: Here. The Redeemer. [20/9/13]
                         Vol. 16: Here. (No trace, 20/9/13.) [20/9/13]
                         Vol. 17: Here. The sacraments: baptism-confirmation. [20/9/13]
                         Vol. 18: Here. The sacraments: Eucharist. [20/9/13]
                         Vol. 19: Here. The sacraments: Penitence-Extreme Unction. [20/9/13]
                         Vol. 20: Here. The sacraments: Order-Marriage. [20/9/13]
                         Vol. 21: Here. The Resurrection. [20/9/13]

Scorraille, Raoul de Scorraille (1912) François Suárez de la Compagnie de Jesus (vol 1: here; vol 2: here). Authoritative (according to Sydney Penner) and detailed. Internet archive: full text (French). [8/8/13]

General links:

Magisterial teaching:

Fides et ratio (1998): John Paul II's Encyclical on the relationship between faith and reason. English, here; Latin, here.

Aeterni Patris (1879): Leo XIII's on the restoration of Christian philosophy, particularly Thomism. English, here.

Online scholastic works:

Alberti Magni e-Corpus: Links to online texts of Albertus Magnus. [Here] [9/10/13]

Biblioteca Santo Tomás de Aquino: A collection of free scholastic material mostly in PDF format. (Material in variety of languages.) (Here.)

Bibliothèque Saint Libère: An amazingly rich source of free scholastic material mostly in PDF format. (Website in French. Material in variety of languages.) (Here.)

Corpus Thomisticum: S. Thomae de Aquino omnia opera (online) (Latin). (Here.)

Duns Scotus: online works and useful links (Here.)

Homepage von Michael Renemann: Suárez and related material (mostly Latin). (Here.)

Jacques Maritain Center: Readings for Philosophers and Catholics. Online works and useful links (Here.)

Peter Lombard: online works and useful links (Here.)

Sant'Agostino: online works in Latin and other languages [Here.] [9/10/13]

St Thomas Aquinas' Works in English (Pretty much everything) [Here.] [26/02/14]

Thomas Aquinas in English: Thérèse Bonin's website with many links [Here.] [9/10/13]

Greek philosophy in Latin translation:

Aristoteles latine interpretibus variis, edidit Academia Regia Borussica (1831) Here. [Aristotle's works translated into Latin by various authors. Eg: Nicomachean Ethics: Dionysius Lambinus.]

Diogenis Laertii de clarorum philosophorum vitis, Paris (1857) Here. [Greek text and Latin translation]

Platonis Opera Omnia, Bipontine edition (1781) Vol 1, here; vol 2, here; vol 3, here; vol 4, here; vol 5, here; vol 6, missing; vol 7, here; vol 8, here; vol 9, here; vol 10, here; vol 11, here; vol 12, here. [Plato's works, Greek text and Ficino's Latin translation.]

Platonis Dialogi latine juxta interpretationem Ficini aliorumque, London (1826): Vol 1, here; vol 2, here [Latin translation of dialogues; text slightly less clear (to my eye) than the Bipontine edition, although has the advantage (?) of not being set side by side with Greek text and using a more modern font.]

Plotini Opera Omnia, Oxford (1835) Vol 1, here; vol 2, here; vol 3, here [Plotinus's works, Greek text and Ficino's Latin translation.] 


Durandus (1230-1296):

Latin 1859 edition (Naples) of Rationale divinorum officiorum: here

Barthélemy, C (1854) French translation of Rationale: vol I here; vol II here, vol III here, vol IV here, vol V here 

Neale, J. M & Webb, B. (1848) The Symbolism of Churches and Church Ornaments (book I of Rationale divinorum officiorum) here [13/07/18: The French version of this work contains commentary from a Catholic point of view in an introductory essay by Abbé J-J Bourassé and expanded material from continental examples in addition to the English ones used by Neal and Webb in their introduction. It can be found here.]

Passmore, T. H (1899) The Sacred Vestments (book III of Rationale divinorum officiorum) here
Franz, Adolph (1902) Di Messe im deutschen Mittelalter here  [Liturgical commentary recommended by Stephen Holmes in his Sacred Signs in Reformation Scotland: Interpreting Worship, 1488–1590] [12/07/18]

Other related material:

Les classiques des science sociales: website with downloadable French texts (here). (Good for some Francophone authors not in the Internet Archive particularly in the area of the history of culture and philosophy. Try especially the section, 'Les auteurs classiques, here.) [9/9/13]

Loebolus: PDFs of public domain Loeb Classical Library. (English/Latin or Greek) (Here.)

Migne, Patrologia Graeca: Wiki space for links to scans of Greek texts (and Latin translations) of Greek Patristic texts from the Migne series. Here. (A similar list from Roger Pearse can be found here.) [Wikipedia article on Migne PL, here.]

Migne, Patrologia Latina: Wiki space for links to scans of texts. Here. [Wikipedia article on Migne, PL, here.]

Various:  Confucius Sinarum philosophus (1687) [A Jesuit edition and commentary on Confucius: Philippe Couplet, wiki here; Prospero Intorcetta, wiki here] (here) [Boston College webpage on Jesuits in China and their works: here] [28/4/14]

Protestant Scholasticism:

Hooker, Richard (1876) [c.1594] Complete works. Project Canterbury, here. (English.) [Hooker was indebted to Catholic Scholasticism. Wikipedia article, here.]

Johnson, Samuel (1752) Elementa philosophica, here. (English.) [Wikipedia article on Johnson, here.]

Turretinus, Franciscus (1847) [1679–1685] Institutio theologiae elencticae (vol 1, here; vol 2, here; vol 3 not available). Internet archive: 2 vols available from 3.  (Latin.) [Turretin is a Reformed Scholastic. Wikipedia article, here. Contents of InstitutioPDF here. (English). (The available two volumes seem to cover up to topic 17 (Sanctification) inclusive.)]

Walsh, James J. (1935) Education of the Founding Fathers of the Republic: Scholasticism in the Colonial Colleges (Here.) Internet archive: full text.

Wundt, M. (1939) Die deutsche Schulmetaphysik des 17. Jahrhunderts (here). [12/9/13]


Catholic Encyclopedia (1917): a good resource for articles from a generally neo-Scholastic point of view. (Here.)

Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy: a non-Catholic source for academically reliable, introductory articles on philosophical topics (including many of particular interest to Catholics). (Here.)

Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy: another non-Catholic source for academically reliable, introductory articles on philosophical topics (including many of particular interest to Catholics). Tends to be slightly more advanced than the Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy. (Here.)

Blogs and others:

Documenta Catholic Omnia. (Here.) Lots of stuff. I find it quite hard to navigate, but it could simply be lack of familiarity.

Edward Feser (A Thomist blog) (Here.)

Ed Feser did a particularly helpful series of posts on his recommendations for readings in Scholasticism (the 'Scholastic's Bookshelf') (works in English):

Scholastic's Bookshelf I (general works and reference): Here
Scholastic's Bookshelf II (natural theology): Here
Scholastic's Bookshelf III (ethics and moral theology) Here
Scholastic's Bookshelf IV (editions available online with links) Here

He also did another helpful series on the history and modern varieties of Thomism:

The Thomistic tradition, Part I (Here.)
The Thomistic tradition, Part II (Here.)

Index des scholastiques (Scholasticon) (Here) List of scholastic philosophers (1500-1800) together with biographies and bibliographies.

Ite ad Thomam. (A Thomist blog.) Here.

John Mair: A site devoted to the study of the scholastic philosopher and theologian (links and materials) Here. [5/10/13]

Just Thomism (A Thomist blog (well, what did you expect??) Here

A helpful list of links to online etexts was published in this blog (scroll down to the comments) Here . Some don't seem to work outwith the US. Some do.

Online bibliography of neo-Latin texts online (Dana Sutton): extremely comprehensive (Here.) [4/10/13]

Philosophy of Evolution: Survey of Literature: an overview of Scholastic literature in the twentieth century on evolution (broken down geographically) (Here.) (Author: John Edward Mulvihill.) Academically patchy, but useful as sketch map of some key figures.

Post Reformation Digital Library:  a select database of digital books relating to the development of theology and philosophy during the Reformation and Post-Reformation/Early Modern Era (late 15th-18th c.). [Here.] [9/10/13]

Primary Source Philosophy Texts on the World Wide Web, here. [26/8/13]

Roman Law Resources, here [19/9/13]

Société Internationale pour l'Étude de la Philosophie Médiévale: electronic resources (lots of excellent links) (here.) [4/10/13]

The Smithy (A Scotist blog) (Here.)

The Tertullian Project: A collection of material ancient and modern about the ancient Christian Latin writer Tertullian and his writings. (Here.) [18/9/13] Ave Maria University Aquinas Center blog and website [Here] [9/10/13]

Thoughts of Francis Turretin (Blog from a Reformed perspective. Some particularly useful Patristic links in the sidebar.) (Here.)


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