Monday 14 October 2013

Support the Catholic Novel!

As a married man, I'm not really allowed to read the blog Seraphic Singles. However, if I ever did, I would be able to report that the blogger has a novel out. Since she quite reasonably made the point that 'eavesdroppers' such as myself could restore something of our moral integrity by purchasing her novel, I have obliged! (Amazon assure me it's on the way.)

It looks like a great read. More importantly, when I was younger, constantly hearing about (and from) Catholic writers such as Graham Greene and Anthony Burgess kept alive in my tiny atheist mind that Catholicism was a serious intellectual and artistic force. I very much hope that Seraphic's new work is the first of many by her, and, more generally, the herald of a new spring in Catholic literature.

Buy early. Buy often.

ISBN: 978-1586177317


  1. Thank you - WHY did I not know about this? I. Am. A. Failure :)

  2. Complete redemption is only one click away on Amazon!