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Mass readings in Scots: Fifteenth Sunday of the Year (Year A)

First Reading
Isaiah 55:10-11

"For e'en like's the showir an' the snaw frae the lifts win awa, an' they dinna retour; bot the yirth they can drook till scho braird an' break-out, till gie seed ti' the sawer an' bread ti' the mawer: e'en sae sal the word be gangs but frae my mouthe; it sanna come hame till me toom: bot ay it sal do, what I will tharout; an' thrive, whar I gied it room."

(From Peter Hately Waddell (1879) Isaiah: Frae Hebrew intil Scottis, J. Menzies & Co, Edinburgh and Glasgow (reprint Lightning Source UK Ltd, Milton Keynes, ISBN 9-781274542106 (Amazon UK here; Amazon US here)).)

Responsorial Psalm
Psalm 64:10-14 (65: 9-13) (resp. Luke 8: 8)

Some seed fell on guid grund,
an gíed a crap.

Thou veesitist the yirth, an' waterist it;
thou gritlie inrichist it
wi' the river o' God, whilk is fu' o' water:
thou prepairist the coorn whan thou best sae mæde it readie.

Some seed fell on guid grund,
an gíed a crap.

Thou waterist the riggs o't abundentlie;
thou settelist the furs thero';
thou makist it saft wi' shoors;
thou blissist the brairdin' o't.

Some seed fell on guid grund,
an gíed a crap.

Thou crownist the yeer wi' thy guidniss,
an' thy peths drap fatniss.
Thaye drap apon the pasters o' the wuldirniss;

Some seed fell on guid grund,
an gíed a crap.

an' the wee hills rejoyce on ilka syde.
The heff-gangs ar claethet wi' hirsels o' sheepe;
the vallies ar alsua kiveret ower wi' coorn;
thaye crye owt for joy, thaye lilt alsua an' sing.

Some seed fell on guid grund,
an gíed a crap.

(From Psalm 65 in The Book of Psalms in Lowland Scots Henry Scott Riddell (1857) here; response based on The New Testament in Scots (2012), translated by W. L. Lorimer, Canongate Classics, ISBN 978 0 85786 285 3, Amazon UK here, Amazon US here here)

Second Reading
Romans 8:18-23

And I deme, that the passiounns of this tyme ar nocht worthi to the glorie to cummand, that salbe schewit in vs. For the abiding of creature abides the schewing of the sonnis of God. Bot the creature is subiect to vanytee, nocht willand, bot for him that made it subiect in hope; For the ilk creature salbe delyuerit fra seruage of corruptioun into libertee of glorie of the sonnis of God. And we wate, that ilk creature sorowis, and traualis with payn till yit. And nocht aanly it, bot alsa we our self, that haue the first fruitis of the spirit, and we our self sorowis within vs for the adoptioun of Goddis sonnis, abiding the aganebying of our body.

(From The New Testament in Scots Murdoch Nisbet [c.1520] (1903)vol 2 here )

Matthew 13:1-21

And that day Jesus yede out of the hous, and satt beside the see. And mekile pepile was gaderit to him, sa that he went vp into a boote, and satt; and all the pepile stude on the brink. And he spak mony thingis to tham in parabillis, and said,

"Lo, he that sawis yede out to saw his sede: And quhile he sawis, sum sedes fell beside the way, and briddis of the aere com and ete tham:  Bot vthir sede fell in stany places, quhar thai had nocht mekile erde; and anon thai sprang vp, for thai had nocht depnes of erde: Bot quhen the sonn was risen, thai scaldit; and for thai had nocht rute, thai dryet vp: And vther seedis fell amang thornes; and thornes wox up and stranglit thaim:  Bot vthir sedes fell into gude land, and gaue frute, sum a hundrethfald, an vthir sextifald, and an vthir threttifald. He that has eiris of hering, here he." 

And the disciplis com nere, and said to him, "Quhy spekis thou in parabilis to tham?" And he ansuerde and said to tham, "For to you it is gevin to knaw the priuateis of the kingdom of heuenis, bot it is nocht gevin to tham. For it salbe gevin to him that has, and he sal haue plentee ; bot gif a man has nocht, alsa that thing that he has salbe takin away fra him. Tharfor I speke to tham in parabilis: for thai seand, seis nocht; and thai herand, here nocht; nouthir vndirstandis. That the prophecie of Esaie be fulfillit in tham, 

With hering ye sal here, and ye sal nocht vndirstand;
and ye seand sal se, and ye sal nocht se:
For the hart of this pepile is gretly fattit, 
and thai herd hevilie with eiris, and they haue closet thar een;
or perauenter thai se with een,
and with eiris here,
and vnderstind in hert,
and thai be conuertit, and I heill tham.

"Bot your een that seis ar blessit, and your eiris that heres. Forsuthe I say to you, that mony prophetis and iustmen couatit to se tha thingis that ye se, and thai saw nocht; and to here tha thingis that ye here, and thai herd nocht.

"Tharfore here ye the parabile of the sawere. Ilkman that heris the word of the realm, and vndirstandis nocht, the euile spirit cummis, and rauysis that that is sawne in his hart. This it is that is sawne beside the way. Bot this that is sawne on the stany land, this it is that heris the word of God, and anoon with joy takis it: And he has nocht rute in him self, bot is temporale; for quhen tribulatioun and persecutioun is made for the word, anoon he is sclaundrit. Bot he that is sawne on thornes is this that heris the word; and the besynes of this warlde, and fallace of richessis, stranglis the word, and it is made without frute. Bot he that is sawne into gude lande is this that heris the worde, and vndirstandis; and bringis furth frute, and sum makis a hundrethfald, trewlie an vthir sextifald, and an vthir threttyfald."

(From The New Testament in Scots Murdoch Nisbet [c.1520] (1901) vol 1 here)

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