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Mass readings in Scots: Fourth Sunday of Easter (Year C)

First reading
Acts 13:14,43-52

[Paul and Barnabas], lea’in Perga, cam till Antioch in Pisidia; and gaun intil the kirk on the Sabbath-day, sat doon. 

Noo, whan the kirk brak up, thar follow’t mony o’ the Jews, and o’ the godlie seekers, wi’ Paul and Barnabas; wha, speakin till them, heartit them up to continue in God’s love. 

But on the comin Sabbath, nar-haun the hail citie cam thegither to hear the word o’ the Lord. But the Jews, seein the thrangs, war fu’ o’ jealousie, and spak again thae things that Paul said, mis-cain’ them. And Paul and Barnabas, wi’ great freedom o’ speech, said, "It was necessar that the word o’ God soud first be spoken to you: seein ye hae cuisten it frae ye, and adjudge yersels no wordie o’ eternal life - than, turn we to the Gentiles! For sae has the Lord bidden us: 

I hae set thee up for a licht to the Gentiles, 
that thou may be for salvation to the far-awa ends o' the yirth!"

And as the Gentiles heard this, they war pleased, and glorify’t the word o’ the Lord; and as mony as had come to be disposed to eternal life, believed. And the word o’ the Lord was spread abreid in a’ that kintra-side. 

But the Jews steered up the godlie weemen o’ gude-standin, and the heid men o’ the citie, and raised up a feud again Paul and Barnabas, and cuist them oot o’ their borders. But they, flaffing the stoor aff their shoon again them, cam to Iconium. And the disciples war filled wi’ joy and wi’ the Holie Spirit. 

[From The New Testament in Braid Scots William Wye Smith (1904) here]

Responsorial Psalm
Psalm 99 (100) 1-3, 5 (resp. v.3)

We ar His folk, we ar His flock.

Lat ilka clan in ilka lan
Mak tae the Lord a blithesum sang;
Sair Him wi mirth ower aa the yirth
As ye intil His presence gang.

We ar His folk, we ar His flock.

Ken ilka ane, He’s God alane,
Our Makar, He an nane beside;
We ar His folk, we ar His flock,
Wha in His pasture may abide.

We ar His folk, we ar His flock.

For God is kind, we aa maun mind,
His mercy siccar ey sal be;
Lippen His truith, for it is suith
As age on age can testifee.

We ar His folk, we ar His flock.

[From Psalm 100, Worship in Scots, 'Psalms for Singing' Church of Scotland resource accessed 11/02/22), by  Thomas Thomson Alexander (1881-1845)]

Second reading
Apocalypse 7: 9, 14-17

Eftir thir thingis I saw a gret peple, quham na man mycht novmir, of al folkis, and linages, and pepilis, and langages, standing befoir the throne, in the sicht of the lamb; and thai war clethit with quhite stolis, and palmes war in the handis of thame. And aan of the seniouris [...] said to me, [...], "Thir ar thai, that com fra gret tribulatioun, and weschit thar stolis, and made thame quhite in the blude of the lamb. Tharfor thai ar befoir the trone of Gode, and seruis him day and nycht, in his tempile. And he that sittis in the thron, duellis on thame. Thai sal na mare hungir, nor yit threst, nor sonn sal fall on thame, nor ony hete. For the lamb, that is in the myddis of the throne, sal goueme thame, and sal lede thame furth to the wellis of wattris of lijf; and God sal wipe away ilk tere fra the een of thame."

[From The New Testament in Scots Murdoch Nisbet [c.1520] (1905) vol 3 here]

Gospel reading
John 10: 27-30

[Jesus said:]

"My schepe heres my voce,
and I knaw thame, and thai follow me.
I geue to thame euirlasting lif,
and thai sal nocht perise withoutin end,
and naan sal ravise thame fra my hand.
That thing that my fadere gave to me, is maire than al thingis;
and na man may ravise fra my fadris hande.
I and the fader ar aan."

[From The New Testament in Scots Murdoch Nisbet [c.1520] (1903) vol 2 here]

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