Saturday 10 June 2017

Mass readings in Scots: Trinity Sunday (Sunday after Pentecost) (Year A)

First Reading:
Exodus 34:4-6, 8-9

Sae Moses gat twa stanes cuttit like the first; an at day-braw he gaen up Munt Sinai, as the Laird haed said, wi the twa stanes in his haund. And the Laird come doun in the clud an taen his place aside Moses, an Moses gien wirship tae the name o the Laird. An the Laird gaen by afore his een, sayin, The Laird, the Laird, a God fou o peety an grace, slaw tae wraith an muckle in mercy an faith. Syne Moses gaen doun swith on his face in wirship. An he said, Gin nou A hae grace in yer een, lat the Laird gang amang us, for this is a thrawn fowk, an forgie us oor wrangdaein an oor sin, an tak us fer heirskip.

(From The Old Testament in Scots, vol. 1, The Pentateuch, trans. Gavin Falconer and Ross G. Arthur (2014) (translation into Plain Scots under the auspices of the Ullans Academy) ISBN 978-1-78324-005-0. Amazon US here. Amazon UK here.

Responsorial Psalm:
Dan 3:52-56

Lord God of our fadris, thou art blessit,
and worthi to be praisit, and glorious, and abone uphieit (or enhansit) into warldis.
Blessit is the name of thi glorie, quhilk is haly,
and worthi to be louit and abone enhannsit into warldis.

Thou art blessit in the hali tempile of thi glorie,
and abone praisabile and glorious into warldis.

Thou art blessit in the throne of thi realmme,
and abone praisabile and abone enhansit into warldis.

Thou art blessit that behaldis the depnes of watris, and sittis on cherubyn;
(and art) praisabile and abone enhansit into warldis.

Thou art blessit in the firmament of heuen,
and praisabile and glorious into warldis.

(From The New Testament in Scots (1520) vol. 3 by Murdoch Nisbet here)

Second reading:
2 Corinthians 13:11-13

But noo i’ the end, brethren, rejoicin, restore yersels to order; be consoled; be o’ the ae mind; leeve thegither in peace ; and the God o’ love and peace sal be wi’ ye!

Greet ye ane anither wi’ a sacred kiss. A’ the saunts salute ye.

The favor o’ the Lord Jesus Christ, and the love o’ God, and the indwallin o’ the Holie Spirit, be wi’ ye a’!
(From The New Testament in Braid Scots (1904) by William Wye Smith here)

John 3: 16-18

For God sae loved the warld
as to gie his Son, the Only-Begotten Ane,
that ilka ane wha lippens till him sudna dee,
but hae Life for aye.
For God sent-na his Son intil the warld
to bring condemnation on’t,
but that raither the warld micht be saved by him.
And ane that lippens him isna hauden guilty;
but ane wha winna lippen him is judged guilty e’en no;
for he hasna lippened
to the Son o’ God, the only-begotten Ane.

(From The New Testament in Braid Scots (1904) by William Wye Smith here)

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