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Mass readings in Scots: Sixth Sunday of the Year (Year C)

First reading
Jeremiah 17: 5-8

In tha dais the Lord God sais thir thingis:

'Carsit be the man that traistis in man, 
and puttis flesch his arme, 
and his hart gais away fra the Lord. 
For he salbe as bromes in desert, 
and he sal nocht se quhen gude sal cum; 
bot he sal duell in drynes in desert, 
in the land of saltnes, and vnhabitabile. 

'Blessit is the man that traistis in the Lord, 
and the Lord salbe his traist.
And he salbe as a tre quhilk is planntit ouir watris, 
quhilk sendis his rutis wacknes; 
and it sal nocht drede quhen hete sal cum. 
And the leef tharof salbe grene, 
and it sall nocht be mouet in the tyme of drynes, 
nor in ony tyme sal failye to mak fruit.'

[From The New Testament in Scots Murdoch Nisbet [c.1520] (1905) vol 3 here]

Responsorial Psalm
Psalm 1: 1-4, 6 (resp. Psalm 39:5)

Blythe is the man that haes faith in the Laird!

Oh, blissit he at gangsna wi
The godless, nor will staun
Mids sinfu men, nor sit wi them
At scoff at God’s commaun;
But, day an nicht, fins his delicht,
Ey foremaist abune aa,
Tae ponder lang the thochts amang
O God’s maist halie Law.

Blythe is the man that haes faith in the Laird!

A tree at grows whaur burnie rows
In hairst-time frit sal gíe;
Its leaves sae braw n’er wilt awà -
Sae sal the richtous be.

Blythe is the man that haes faith in the Laird!

But godless men can niver ken
Sic blissins; like they ar
Tae cauf at’s driv’n by wins o heiv’n,
An skailed baith near an far.
[In jidgment they at dinna hae
Regaird for God maun faa;
Nor can they gang at ettle wrang
Wi fowk at loe God’s Law.]
Because the wey o gude men ey
The Lord dis brawly ken;
But, shair as ocht, He’ll bring tae nocht
The gate o godless men.

Blythe is the man that haes faith in the Laird!

[From Psalm 1, (verse 5 in square brackets) from Worship in Scots, 'Psalms for Singin', Thomas Thomson Alexander [originally published as Metrical Psalms in Braid Scots (1928)] (1881 – 1945) PDF here; response from Psalm 40:4 in The Old Testament in Scots, vol. 3, The Books of Wisdom, [Job, Psaums, Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, Sang o Sangs] trans. Gavin Falconer and Ross G. Arthur (2014) (translation into Plain Scots under the auspices of the Ullans Academy) ISBN 978-1-78324-006-7. Amazon US here. Amazon UK here.]

Second reading 
I Corinthians 15: 12, 16-20

 And gif Crist is prechit, that he raase agane fra deid, how sais sum amang you, that the aganerising of deidmen is nocht? And gif the aganerysing of deidmen is nocht, nouthir Crist raase agane fra deid. And gif Crist raase nocht, oure preching is vane, our faith is vane. And we ar fundin fals witnessis of Gode, for we haue said witnessing aganes God, that he raasit Crist, quham he raasit nocht, gif deidmen rysis nocht agane. For quhy gif deid men rysis nocht again nouthir Crist raase agane; and gif Crist raase nocht agane, our faith is vanen and yit ye ar in youre synnis. And than thai that haue deit in Crist, haue perischit. Gif in this life aanly we ar hopand in Crist, we ar mare wrechis than almen. Bot now Crist raase agane fra deid, the first fruit of deid men. 

[From The New Testament in Scots Murdoch Nisbet [c.1520] (1903) vol 2 here

Gospel reading
Luke 6: 17. 20-26

And [Jesus] cam doon wi’ [the Twal'], and stude on an even bit o’ grun’: and a great thrang o’ his disciples, and an unco number o’ folk frae a’ Judea and Jerusalem, and the coast aboot Tyre and Sidon, wha cam to hear him, and to be healed o’ their ills.

And he liftit up his een on his disciples, and quo’ he,

“Happy, ye destitute! for yours is God’s Kingdom.
Happy, ye wha are hungerin noo! for ye sal be fill’d!
Happy, ye wha greet noo; for ye sal smile.

“Happy are ye, whan men sal hate ye, and whan they sal separate ye, and misca' ye, and cast oot yere name as vileness, for the Son o’ Man’s sake. Blythe be ye i’ that day, and lowp for joy! for lo! yere meed is great Aboon: for in siclike mainner did their faithers to the prophets.

“But wae for you, ye rich anes! for ye are noo haein yere consolation.
Wae for you wha hae been filled fu' noo! for ye sal hung’er.
Wae for you wha lauch noo! for ye sal greet.

“Alack! whan a’ folk speak weel o’ ye! for e’en sae did their faithers to the fause prophets."

[From The New Testament in Braid Scots William Wye Smith (1904) here]

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