Saturday, 1 June 2019

Mass readings in Scots: Seventh Sunday of Easter (Year C)

Gospel reading
John 17: 20-26

[Jesus liftit up his een aboon, and said:]

"[Faither,] Noo for thir, allenarlie, dae I pray;
but eke for them
wha sal lippen me throwe their tellin.
That a' they may be ane;
e'en as thou, Faither, in me, and I in them,
that they may be ane in us;
sae as the warld may ken that thou sent me.
And the glorie thou gied me,
I hae e'en gien them;
sae as they may indeed be ane,
e'en as we are but ane.
I in them, and thou in me;
that they may be perfete in ane;
and that a' the warld may ken that thou sent me,
and has love to them, e'en as thou hast love to me.
I wad mair, that they wham thou gies me,
soud be wi’ me whaur I bide;
that they may set een on my glorie
whilk thou has gien me;
for thou lo’ed me
'or the fundation o' the yirth.
O Faither o’ a' Richt!
the warld hasna kent thee;
but I hae kent thee;
and thir hae come to ken
that thou sent me oot.
And I hae deponed to them thy word,
and wull depone;
sae as the love - e’en like sic as thou has for me- may be within them,
and I mysel within them.”

[From The New Testament in Braid Scots William Wye Smith (1904) here]

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