Saturday 1 June 2019

Mass readings in Scots: Seventh Sunday of Easter (Year C)

First reading
Acts 7: 55-60

Stephen, fulled wi e Haily Speerit, keest his een up tae hivven, an saa e glory o God an Jesus stannin at his richt han. "Leuk," he said, "e hivvens hiv opent an A can see e Sin o Man sittin at God's richt han." At att, they roart oot o them an pat their finngers in their lugs. Syne they made a breenge for him, hauled him oot e toon an steened him. E witnesses flang their coaties doon at e feet o a loon ca'ed Saul. Sae they steened Stephen an he cried oot tae God, "Jesus, Lord, tak ma speerit in till yer faul." Syne on his knees, he spak in a lood vice, "Lord, dinna haud iss ill-deeins agin them," an wi att he fell awa.

[From The Doric New Testament (2012), rendered in Doric by Gordon M. Hay, published by G. M. Hay, Longside, ISBN 978-0-9573515-0-9, author's website, Amazon UK here, Amazon US here.]

Responsorial Psalm
Psalm 96: 1-2, 6-7, 9 (resp.vv.1,9)

The Lord, he's King, heigh abune a' the yirth.

The Lord, he's King, lat the yirth be blythe; 
an' the feck o' the isles be fain. [...]
[R]ight an' right-rechtin 
stoop his thron. 

The Lord, he's King, heigh abune a' the yirth.

The lifts, they lat wit o' his right; 
his gloiry, a' foik can see: [...]
lout laigh till himsel, a' gods that be. 

The Lord, he's King, heigh abune a' the yirth.

For heigh abune a' the yirth, 
are ye, O Lord, yerlane: 
an' uncolie heigh till be ha'din, a' ither gods abune. 

The Lord, he's King, heigh abune a' the yirth.

[From Psalm 97, in The Psalms: frae Hebrew intil Scottis P. Hately Waddell (1891) here]

Second reading
Apocalypse 22:12-14, 16-17, 20

[I, John, hard a voice speakin tae me:] "Tak tent: I am comin bedeen; an I am comin tae pey ilkane guid or ill conform til his deeds. I am Alpha an Omega, the First an the Lest, the Beginnin an the End. Happie is them at washes clean their robes! They will hae free access tae the Tree o Life, an ingress intil the Cítie throu the ports."

"I, Jesus, hae sent ye my Angel tae gíe ye this wurd for the Kirk. I am the Shuit an Affspring o Dauvit, the glentin Stairn o the Dawin.

"The Spírit an the Bride say, 'Come!' Lat ilkane at hears answer, 'Come!' Lat him at is thristie come; lat ilkane at wisses waucht the Watter o Life lawin-free!"

[From The New Testament in Scots (2012), translated by W. L. Lorimer, Canongate Classics, ISBN 978 0 85786 285 3, Amazon UK here, Amazon US here.]

Gospel reading
John 17: 20-26

[Jesus liftit up his een aboon, and said:]

"[Faither,] Noo for thir, allenarlie, dae I pray;
but eke for them
wha sal lippen me throwe their tellin.
That a' they may be ane;
e'en as thou, Faither, in me, and I in them,
that they may be ane in us;
sae as the warld may ken that thou sent me.
And the glorie thou gied me,
I hae e'en gien them;
sae as they may indeed be ane,
e'en as we are but ane.
I in them, and thou in me;
that they may be perfete in ane;
and that a' the warld may ken that thou sent me,
and has love to them, e'en as thou hast love to me.
I wad mair, that they wham thou gies me,
soud be wi’ me whaur I bide;
that they may set een on my glorie
whilk thou has gien me;
for thou lo’ed me
'or the fundation o' the yirth.
O Faither o’ a' Richt!
the warld hasna kent thee;
but I hae kent thee;
and thir hae come to ken
that thou sent me oot.
And I hae deponed to them thy word,
and wull depone;
sae as the love - e’en like sic as thou has for me- may be within them,
and I mysel within them.”

[From The New Testament in Braid Scots William Wye Smith (1904) here]

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