Saturday, 15 June 2019

Mass readings in Scots: Trinity Sunday (Year C)

First reading
Proverbs 8: 22-31

THE Lord Himsel set me up,
At the beginnin o' His ain oot-gaun,
Afore a' His warks o' langsyne.
Frae that langsyne,
Frae that beginnin,
Afore there was a yirth ava,
Whan there were nae howes o' the sea,
I cam to life;
Whan there were nae spring-heids
Jawin ower wi' water.
Afore the muckle mountains had been foondit,
Afore a' the bits o' hills,
I cam to life;
Afore that He had shuppen the yirth,
Or the braid acres o't,
Or the very taits o' stoor
For the biggin o' the big warld.
Whan He set up the heavens, I was there mysel;
Whan He laid a spang ower the breidth o' the sea;
Whan the lift abune was made siccar;
Whan the springs o' the sea were reamin fu';
Whan the mairches o' the sea were settl't,
That the waters o't should ken to be biddable.
Whan He merkit oot the foonds o' the yirth,
I was near-haun Him at the time,
As a maister ower the biggin o' sic wonner-warks;
Ilka day His delicht was in me,
An' blythe was mysel to be wi' Him—
Sae blythe ower the yirth He had made for His folks,
An' sae blythe anent them, the bairns o' mankind.

[From The Wyse-Sayin's o' Solomon [The Book of Proverbs] by T Whyte Paterson; Alexander Gardner (Paisley) 1915 here]

Gospel reading
John 16: 12-15

[Jesus said to his disciplis:]

"Yit I haue mony thingis for to say to yow,
bot ye may nocht bere thame now.
Bot quhen the ilk spirit of treuth cummis,
he sal teche yow al treuth;
for he sal nocht spek of him self,
bot quhat euir thingis he sal here, he sal spek;
and he sal tell to you tha thingis that ar to cum.
He sal clarifie me,
for of myn he sal tak,
and sal tell to yow.
All thingis quhilk euir the fader has, ar myn;
tharfor I said to yow,
for of myn he sal tak,
and sal tell to yow."

[From The New Testament in Scots Murdoch Nisbet [c.1520] (1903) vol 2 here]

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