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Mass readings in Scots: Sixteenth Sunday of the Year (Year C)

First reading 
Genesis 18: 1-10

Nou the Laird come tae [Aubraham] by the haly tree o Mamre, whan he wis seatit at the mou o his tent in the mids o the day; an liftin up his een, he seen three men afore him; an, seein thaim, he gaen swith tae thaim frae the slap o the tent, an cuist hissel doun on the yird; an said, Ma Laird, gin nou A hae grace in yer een, dinna forleet yer servand: Lat me fesh watter tae wash yer feet, an rest unner the tree: An lat me git a bit breid tae haud up yer strenth, an efter that ye can gang on yer wey: for this is whit for ye hae come tae yer servand.An thay said, Lat it be sae.

Syne Aubraham gaen swith intae the tent an said tae Sarah, Git three meisurs o meal straucht awa an bak cakes. An, rinnin tae the hird, he taen a cauf, saft an fat, an gien it tae the servand, an he swith made it ready; An he taen butter an milk an the cauf that he haed redd an pit it afore thaim, waitin by thaim unner the tree while thay taen meat.

An thay said tae him, Whaur is Sarah yer guidwife? An he said, She is in the tent. An he said, A will certes come back tae ye in the spring, an Sarah yer guidwife will hae a son.

[From The Old Testament in Scots, vol. 1, The Pentateuch, [Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Nummers, Deuteronomy] trans. Gavin Falconer and Ross G. Arthur (2014) (translation into Plain Scots under the auspices of the Ullans Academy) ISBN 978-1-78324-005-0. Amazon US here. Amazon UK here.]

Responsorial Psalm
Psalm 14: 2-5 (resp. v.1)

[The just sal bide i the hous o the Lord]

Lord, wha sal bide i' that howff o' thine? 
or wha be lown on yer halie height? 
Wha gangs ay straught; an' wha does ay right;
an' wha speaks frae his heart right sikkerlie:
Wha double-deals nane wi' his tongue; 

[The just sal bide i the hous o the Lord]

wha warks nae ill till his frien'; 
nor tholes nae skaithe on his niebor:
In whase een the little worth are lightlied eneugh, 
bot whasae fear the Lord he likes fu' weel; 
wha swears till his frien', an' steers-na: 

[The just sal bide i the hous o the Lord]

His siller wha sets-na till gather gear; 
nor nae fee will he tak on the saikless loon 
wha siclike does sal ne'er be steerd, frae the height the Lord, for evir. 

[The just sal bide i the hous o the Lord]

[From Psalm 15, The Psalms: frae Hebrew intil Scottis P. Hately Waddell (1891) here]

Second reading
Colossians 1: 24-28

And now I haue ioy in passioun for you, and I fill tha thingis that failyeis of the passionns of Crist in my flesch, for his body, that is the kirk. Of quhilk I am made minister be the dispensatioun of Gode, that is gevin to me in you, that I fulfill the word of God, the priuitee, that was hid fra warldis and generatiouns. Bot now it is schewit to his Sanctis, to quhilkis God wald mak knawne the richessis of the glorie of this sacrait in hethin men, quhilk is Crist, in yow the hope of glorie. Quham we schaw, repreving ilkman, and teching ilkman in al wisdome, that we offire ilkman perfite in Crist Jesu.

 [From The New Testament in Scots Murdoch Nisbet [c.1520] (1901) vol 2 here]

Gospel reading
Luke 10: 38-42

And it was done, quhile thai yede, [Jesus] entirit into a castell: and a woman, Martha be name, resauet him into hir house. And to this was a sistire, Marie be name, quhilk alsa sat beside the feet of the Lord, and herde his word. Bot Martha besiet about the oft seruice, and scho stude and said, "Lord, thou takis na kepe that my sistire has left me allaan to serue: tharfor say thou to hir that scho help me." And the Lord ansuerd and said to hir, "Martha, Martha, thou art besie and art trubilit about full mony thingis: Bot a thing is necessarie: Marie has chosen the best part, quhilk sal nocht be takin away fra hir."

[From The New Testament in Scots Murdoch Nisbet [c.1520] (1901) vol 1 here]

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