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Mass readings in Scots: Fifth Sunday of Lent (Year A)

First reading
Ezekiel 37: 12-14

The Lord says this: see, A am openin the resting-places o yer dead, an A will make ye come up oot o yer resting-places, o ma people; an A will tak ye intae the land o Israel. An ye will be certain A am the Lord bi ma openin the resting-places o yer dead an makin ye come up oot o yer resting-places, O ma people. An A will put ma spirit i ye, sae ye may come tae life, an A will give ye a rest i yer land: an ye will be certain A the Lord have said it an have done it, says the Lord.

[Own translation, level 1 28/03/20. Methodology here]

Responsorial Psalm
Psalm 129

Fra deip, O Lord, I call to thé,
Lord heir my Inuocatioun.
Thy eiris thow inclyne to me,
And heir my Lamentatioun:
For gif thow will our Sin impute
Till vs, O Lord, that we commit,
Quha may byde thy accusatioun?

Bot thow art mercyfull and kynde,
And hes promittit in the write,
Thame that repent with hart and mynde,
Of all thair Sin to mak thame quyte :
Thocht I be full of sinfulnes,
Zit thow art full of faithfulnes.
And thy promeis trew and perfyte.

My hope is steidfast in the Lord,
My Saull euer on him traist,
And my beleue is in thy word.
And all thy promittis maist and leist
My Saull on God waits, and is bent.
As watcheman wald the nycht war went,
Bydand the day to tak him rest.

Israeli in God put thy beleue,
For he is full of gentilnes,
Fredome, gudnes and [s]all releue
All Israel of thair distres.
He sail deliuer Israell,
And all thair sinnis sall expell,
And cleith thame with his rychteousnes.

[From Psalm 130, pp.112-113 in The Gude and Godlie Ballatis [1567] John Wedderburn et al., Alexander Ferrier (ed.) (1897) Contains metrical versions of some scripture passages and some metrical psalms here]

Second reading
Romans 8: 8-11

And they wha hae their bein i’ the flesh, canna pleasur God. But ye haena yere bein i’ the flesh, but i’ the Spirit, gin God’s Spirit is bidin in ye: but gin ony ane hasna Christ’s Spirit, he isna o’ his. But, gin Christ is in ye, the body is deid on accoont o’ sin, but the Spirit is leevin on accoont o' holiness. And gin the Spirit, wha raised up Jesus frae amang the deid, dwalls in ye, he that raised up Christ Jesus frae amang the deid sal e’en gie life to yere deein bodies, on accoont o’ his indwallin Spirit in ye.

[From The New Testament in Braid Scots William Wye Smith (1904) here]

Gospel reading
John 11: 1-45

Noo, a particular ane was ill; Lazarus, o’ Bethanie; Mary’s toon, and her sister Martha’s toon. It was the same Mary wha anointit the Lord wi’ the ointment, and dightit his feet wi'  her hair, whase brither Lazarus was ill. Sae his sisters sent word to him, “Lord, see! the lad ye lo’e is sick!” Whan Jesus heard it, he said, “This illness is no to bring death, but the glorie o’ God; sae as God’s Son micht be glorify’t.”

Noo Jesus had tender love for Mary, and her sister, and Lazarus. Whan, than, he heard he was ill, he ye bade thar twa days i’ the bit whaur he was. Eftir that, quo’ he to his disciples, “Lat us gang into Judea again!” The disciples say to him, “Maister! the Jews e’en noo ettled to stane ye, and wull ye gang thar-awa again?"  Jesus answer’t,

“Are thar no twal’ oors to a day?
Gin ony man gang i' the day, he stoiters-na,
for that he sees the licht o’ this warld.
But gin ane walk i’ the nicht, he stoiters,
for that the licht isna in him.”

Thir things quo’ be; and eftir he said to them, “Oor freend Lazarus is faun on sleep; but I gang that I may wauken him oot o’ sleep!” Than quo’ the disciples, “Lord, gin he sleep, he maun be on the mend!” But Jesus spak o’ his deein; while they thocht he had spoken o’ his takin rest in sleep. Than said Jesus plainly to them, “Lazarus is deid! And I am weel pleased, for yere sakes, I wasna yonner, sae as ye may believe; nane-the-less, lat us gang to him!” Than Tammas (he wha was ca’d “The Twin”) says to his neebors, “Lat us a’ gang, too, that we may dee wi’ him!”

Than, when Jesus cam, he faund he had been i’ the tomb for fowr days. Noo, Bethanie was nar-haun Jerusalem, no twa mile awa. And mony folk o' the Jews had come oot to Martha and Mary to console them ower their brither. Than Martha, as sune as she kent Jesus was comin, gaed oot and met him; but Mary sat yet i’ the hoose. Sae says Martha to Jesus, “Lord! gin thou had been here, my brither hadna dee't! And e’en yet, I ken that whate’er thou may ask o’ God, God wull gie it thee!” Quo' Jesus to her, “ Yere brither sal rise again!” Martha says to him, “I ken he sal rise again, i’ the Risin at the Last Day!” Jesus said to her,

“I am the Risin-again and the Life!
Wha lippens on me, e’en gin he dee, yet sal he leeve!
And whasae leeves, lippenin on me,
sal dee nae mair!
Dae ye believe this?”

Quo' she to him, “ Aye, Lord! I believe thou art God’s Son, wha was to come intil the warld!”

And whan she had said this, she gaed her ways, and ca’d Mary her sister, unkent, sayin, “The Maister is come, and is seekin’ ye!” And as sune as she kent it, she raise quickly, and gaed till him. Noo Jesus wasna yet come to the toon, but was i' the place whaur Martha met him. Sae the Jews wha war i' the hoose to console her, whan they saw Mary rise up o’ a suddaintie and gang oot, follow’t her, sayin amang theirsels, “She gangs to the tomb, to wail thar!”

Than Mary, bein come whaur Jesus was, fell doon at his feet, sayin to him, “ Lord! gin thou had been here, my brither hadna dee’t!” Whan Jesus saw her sabbin, and the Jews a’ greetin that cam wi’ her, he was unco touched at the heart, and was wrocht-on. And quo’ he, “Whaur hae ye laid him doon?” They say to him, “Lord, come awa and see!” Jesus grat. The Jews than said, “See hoo he lo’ed him!” But a wheen o’ them said, “Coud-na this man, wha unsteekit the een o’ the blin’, hae caused e’en this man to leeve?” Jesus, groan in at this within his sel, comes to the tomb. Noo it was a cave, and a stane was putten ower it. Jesus said, “Tak ye awa the stane!” Martha, the sister o’ the deid man, says, “Lord! by noo the corp wull be rank, for he has been fowr days deid!” Jesus says to her, “Did I no say t’ye, that gin ye wad believe, ye soud see the glorie o’ God!” Than took they awa the stane. And Jesus liftit up his een, and said,

“Faither! I thank thee that thou did hear me.
And I ken that thou aye hears me;
but for the sake o’ a’ the folk staunin here
I said it,
that they may ken that thou did send me.”

And whan he had sae said, he cry’t wi’ a soondin voice, “Lazarus! hither! Come!” And the deid cam forth, bund haun and fit wi’ deid-claes; and his heid bund roond wi’ a naipkin. Jesus says to them, "Lowse him, and lat him gang!”

Than a hantle o’ the Jews wha cam to Mary, and saw a’ that he did, believed on him.

[From The New Testament in Braid Scots William Wye Smith (1904) here]

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