Thursday 3 January 2013

Relics of St Don Bosco visiting Scotland

Relics of St Don Bosco will be visiting Scotland on 4 and 5 January (website here). (H/T Catholic Herald article here.)

Friday 4th
St Andrews Cathedral, Glasgow:

Pilgrim Experience
9am – 12:45pm
Holy Mass
Pilgrim Experience
2:30pm – 6pm
Closing Liturgy

Saturday 5th
St Francis Xavier Church, 
Carfin Lourdes Grotto:

Pilgrim Experience
8:30am – 10am
Parish Holy Mass
Pilgrim Experience
11am – 1:30pm
Pilgrimage Holy Mass

On Don Bosco's method of education:

Don Bosco's method of study knew nothing of punishment. Observance of rules was obtained by instilling a true sense of duty, by removing assiduously all occasions for disobedience, and by allowing no effort towards virtue, how trivial soever it might be, to pass unappreciated. He held that the teacher should be father, adviser, and friend, and he was the first to adopt the preventive method. Of punishment he said: "As far as possible avoid punishing . . . . try to gain love before inspiring fear." And in 1887 he wrote: "I do not remember to have used formal punishment; and with God's grace I have always obtained, and from apparently hopeless children, not alone what duty exacted, but what my wish simply expressed." In one of his books he has discussed the causes of weakness of character, and derives them largely from a misdirected kindness in the rearing of children. Parents make a parade of precocious talents: the child understands quickly, and his sensitiveness enraptures all who meet him, but the parents have only succeeded in producing an affectionate, perfected, intelligent animal. The chief object should be to form the will and to temper the character. In all his pupils Don Bosco tried to cultivate a taste for music, believing it to be a powerful and refining influence. "Instruction", he said, "is but an accessory, like a game; knowledge never makes a man because it does not directly touch the heart. It gives more power in the exercise of good or evil; but alone it is an indifferent weapon, wanting guidance."  (Full article here. Wikipedia here.) 

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