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Mass readings in Scots: Fourth Sunday in Advent (Year B)

First reading
2 Samuel 7: 1-5, 8b-11, 16

Nou whan Dauvit wis livin i his houss, an the Laird haed gien him rest frae war on ivery side, the king says tae Nathan the prophet, "See nou, A am livin i a houss o cedar, but the ark o God is housit inside the curtains o a tent." An Nathan says tae the King, "Gae an dae whatever is i yer hert; for the Laird is wi ye."

Nou thon nicht the word o the Laird came tae Nathan, sayin,

"Gae an say tae ma servant Dauvit: 

'The Laird says: Are ye tae be the builder o a houss, a living-place for me? I took ye frae the fields, frae keepin the sheep, sae ye micht be a ruler ower ma fowk, ower ma fowk Israel; an A hae been wi ye wherever ye gang, cuttin aff afore ye aw thae that wes agin ye; an A will make yer name great, like the name o the greatest ones o the yird. An A will make a restin-place for ma fowk Israel, plantin thaim thare, sae they may be livin i the place that is theirs, an niver again be moved; an niver again will they be troublit bi evil men as they were at the first, frae the time whan A put judges ower ma fowk Israel; an A will gie ye peace frae aw that is agin ye. An the Laird says tae ye that he will make ye the heid o a line o kings. 

'An yer family an yer kingdom will keep their place afore me for iver: the seat o yer authority will niver be overturnit.' "

[Own translation, level 1, 18/12/20, methodology here.]

Responsorial Psalm
Psalm 88: 2-5, 27, 29 (resp. v.2)

The rewths o' the Lord evir mair I maun sing.

The rewths o' the Lord evir mair I maun sing;
frae ae life's end till anither, thy trewth an' in that rightousness o' thine, sal I'se mak kent wi' my mouthe. 
For rewth, quo' I, sal be bigget for ay; 
thy trewth, i' the lifts ye sal set.

The rewths o' the Lord evir mair I maun sing.

I hae snedden a tryst wi' my walit;
I hae sworn until David, my thirl: 
I sal stablish yer out-come for evir;
an' frae ae kith end till anither, that thron o' yer ain I sal big: Selah.

The rewths o' the Lord evir mair I maun sing.

Till mysel he sal cry, my Faither are ye; 
my God, an' my hainin rock.
Evir mair my gude-will, for him I sal hain; 
an' my tryst, wi' himsel it 
sal stan'.

The rewths o' the Lord evir mair I maun sing.

[From Psalm 89, in The Psalms: frae Hebrew intil Scottis P. Hately Waddell (1891) here]

Second reading
Romans 16: 25-27

Noo tae him fa can set yer fit on a firm foon, accordin tae my Gospel, accordin tae e preachin o Jesus Christ, himsel, an accordin tae shewin o att secrait at wis hodden fae e beginnin o time, bit fit we can aa noo see, an bi e Scripter so e prophits, accordin tae e commanment o e ivverlestin God, made kent till e hale warl, tae fess them tae faith an tae deein fit they're telt -tae him, the only wise God, be glory throw Jesus Christ for ivver. Amen.

[From The Doric New Testament (2012), rendered in Doric by Gordon M. Hay, published by G. M. Hay, Longside, ISBN 978-0-9573515-0-9, author's website, Amazon UK here, Amazon US here.]

Gospel reading
Luke 1:26-38

And i' the sixth month the angel Gabriel was sent frae God till a citie o’ Galilee ca’d Nazareth, till a maid betrothed to a man named Joseph, o’ the hoose o’ Dauvid ; and the maid’s name was Mary. And the Angel, comin in till her, says, “Joy be to ye, favored ane ! The Lord is w' ye; blest be ye amang weemen!” But she was unco put-aboot at the sayin, and was comin ower in her mind whatna kind o’ salutation this micht be! And the Angel said, “ Fear-na, Mary ! for ye hae gotten favor wi’ God! And tak tent ! ye sal conceive i’ the womb, and bring forth a son, and sal ca’ his name Jesus. He sal be great, an’ sal be ca’d ‘The Son o’ the Maist Heigh;’ and the Lord sal gie to him the thron o’ his faither Dauvid. And he sal reign ower the hoose o’ Jaucob for aye: and o’ his kingdom sal be nae endin!” But Mary said to the Angel, “Hoo sal this be, sin a husband I ken-na?” And the Angel answerin, says, “The Holie Spirit sal come, and the pooer o’ the Maist Heigh sal descend upon ye; and sae that that is to be born sal be ca’d holie, the Son o’ God! And mark! Elizabeth, yere kinswumman, e’en she has conceived a son in her auld age; and this is the saxth month wi’ her wha was coontit bairnless. For nae word frae God sal want pooer!” And Mary said, “Lo! I am the handmaid o' the Lord. Be it e'en to me, conform to thy word!” And the Angel gaed awa frae her.

[From The New Testament in Braid Scots William Wye Smith (1904) here]

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