Saturday 2 December 2017

Mass readings in Scots: First Sunday of Advent (Year B)

First reading 
Isaiah 63:16-17, 64:1, 3-8

But a' doubt, ye're our Faither yersel;
for Abr'am kens nought o' us now.
an' Isr'el o' us winna hear tell!
Yersel, Lord, our Faither are ye;
Wha bought us, yer name it sal be;
frae the ferst till the last o' us, sure ay!
Lord, what-fir hae ye waner'd us furth o' yer gates?
our heart, thrawn awa frae yer fear?
Fy, hame again, Lord, for yer thirl-folk's sakes;
the folk on the lan' ye hae here.
Oh, gin the lift ye wad rive; gin ye wad but lout, yersel!
gin the heights a' fornenst yo wad thowe;
Langsyne, whan sic ferlies ye wrought, that nane o' us leukit till see;
it was than ye cam down wi' a flaught, an' the heights war a' skail'd afore thee.
For no sin the warld it begood, hae folk wi' the lug heard tell;
nor yet hae they seen wi' the ee ony God, O God, by yersel, siclike wha couth man till do,
for the wight was ay waitin on Thee.
Ye forgather wi' him that's fain, an' does right;
an' has min' o' yersel, ay i' the gates ye gang:
bot alake, ye 'been angir'd sair!
it's oursels hae dune a' the wrang;
bot yer gates, they bide straught evir mair; an we'll a' be made saif or lang.
Bot we're a' like a fulzied roon;
an' our best, they're but suddled braws:
we gang a' like the leaf that's broun;
an' syne the msichieffs we hae dune, swirl us by, like the win' that blaws.
An' thar' nane that daurs ca' on yer name,
or that steers till tak haud  o' yersel;
for yer face ye hae happit at hame,
an' hae dang us wi' our ain ill.
Bot Lord, ye're our Faither for a'!
Gin we be the clay, ye're our schaiper:
yer ain han's work are we a'.

[From Isaiah frae Hebrew intil Scottis, by P. Hately Waddell 1879 (Amazon US here; Amazon UK here)  Google books here]

Responsorial Psalm
Psalm 79 (80): 2-3, 15-16, 18-19 (resp. v.4)

O  weise  us  hame  again,  God; 
gar  yer  face gie  a  glint,  an'  we're saif'd. 

Sheep-herd o'  Israel,  hearken:  
weisin  Joseph  on  like  a flock;  
sittin  atween  the  cherubs, 
O  will  ye  no  glint  furth! 
In face  o'  Ephraim  an'  o'  Benjamin,  an'  eke  o'  Manasseh  himsel'; 
wauken  that  might  o'  yer  ain,  
an' steer  for  heal-ha'din  till  us. 

O  weise  us  hame  again,  God; 
gar  yer  face gie  a  glint,  an'  we're saif'd. 

Hame  again,  O  God  o'  hosts; 
tak  a  leuk  frae  the  lift,  an'  see;  
an' visit  this  vine: 
An'  the  haddin  yer  right  han' has  plantit;  
an' the  growthe  ye made  stieve  for  yersel. 

O  weise  us  hame  again,  God; 
gar  yer  face gie  a  glint,  an'  we're saif'd. 

O  gin  yer  han'  war  atowre, on  the  Man  o' yer  ain  right  han'; 
atowre  on  the  ae  son  o'  Adam,  for  yer  ain  ye  ettled  till  stan'. 
Syne,  frae  thee,  we  suld  ne'er fa'  awa;  
lat  us  live,  an'  we'll cry  on  yer  name. 

O  weise  us  hame  again,  God; 
gar  yer  face gie  a  glint,  an'  we're saif'd. 

[From Psalm 80 in The Psalms: frae Hebrew intil Scottis P. Hately Waddell (1891) here]

Second reading
I Corinthians 1:3-9

Grace an peace bi wi ye, fae God e Fadder an fae wir Lord Jesus Christ. A'm aye thankin God for ye, for e grace o God gien till ye bi Jesus Christ. Bein at een wi him ye're sae muckle better aff in aathing ye say an in aathing ye ken aboot. E message o Christ is sae weel set inno ye, att ye wint for naethin as ye wyte for wir Lord Jesus Christ tae come amo hiz. He'll keep ye weel till e hinnerein sae there'll be nae faut wi ye in e day o wir Lord Jesus Christ. God is faithfu an it wis bi him ye were fessen intill e life o his sin, Jesus Christ, wir Lord,

[From The Doric New Testament (2012), rendered in Doric by Gordon M. Hay, published by G. M. Hay, Longside, ISBN 978-0-9573515-0-9, author's website, Amazon UK here, Amazon US here.]

Gospel reading
Mark 13:33-37

[Jesus said to his disciples:]

 “Tak ye tent! watch and pray! for ye kenna whan the time is. As a man bidin in a far-awa lan’; wha has left his hoose, and gien authoritie to his servants; to ilka ane his wark; and commandit the porter to tak gude tent; tak ye gude tent, thar-for! for ye kenna whan the maister o’ the hoose comes hame; gin it be at e’en, or at midnicht, or at the cock crawin, or at the dawin; least, comin on ye o’ a suddaintie, he find ye sleepin! And what I say to you, I say to a’ -tak tent!”

[From The New Testament in Braid Scots William Wye Smith (1904) here]


  1. There's always something comforting about seeing the annual return of the Advent candles on Lazarus's blog!

    1. Ha! (Or should that be 'Ho!'?) Yes, I admit to quite looking forward to it too! Hope you are having a blessed Advent.