Friday 4 May 2018

Mass readings in Scots: Sixth Sunday of Easter (Year B)

Gospel reading
John 15: 9-17

[Jesus said to his disciples:]

"E’en as the Faither has lo’ed me,
sae e’en hae I lo’ed you:
bide ye in my love.
And gin ye keep my commauns,
ye sal bide in my love;
e'en as I, keepin my Faither’s commauns,
bide aye in his love.
Thir things hae I said t’ye,
sae as my joy sal bide wi’ ye,
and yere joy be fu’ and skailin ower.
Here is my commaun —
That ye lo’e ilk ither,
e'en as I lo’ed you.
Nae man has evir mair love than this —
to lay doon his life for his freends.
Noo ye are my freends,
gin ye do my commauns.
And frae this oot, I dinna ca’ ye servants,
for the servant kens-na
what the maister dis:
but I hae ca’d ye 'freends';
for a’ that I hae heard frae my Faither
I hae tell't you.
Ye hae-na made wale o’ me,
but I hae made wale o’ you,
and made ye sterk;
sae as ye soud gang and bring forth frute,
and frute that sal bide:
that a’ things ye seek frae the Faither i’ my name,
he may gie ye.
O’ thir things I gie commaun —
that ye lo’e ane anither."

[From The New Testament in Braid Scots William Wye Smith (1904) here]

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