Saturday 26 May 2018

Mass readings in Scots: Trinity Sunday

Gospel reading
Matthew 28: 16-20

Than the ele’en discipels gaed awa intill Galilee, intill ane mountan whar Jesus had appoyntet them. An’ whan they saw him, they wurshippet him: but sume doubtet. An’ Jesus cam’ an’ spak’ untill them, sayin’, "A’ рowir is gien untill me in heæven an’ in yirth. Gae ye therfor, an’ teach a’ nationes, babteezin’ them in the name o’ the Faether, an’ o’ the Son, an’ o’ the Haly Ghaist: teachin’ them til tak’ tent til an’ do a’ things whatsaeevir I hae commandet уow: an’, lo, I am wi’ yow aye, een untill the en’ o’ the warld. Saebeid."

The Gospel of St. Matthew in Lowland Scotch, from the English Authorised Version. By H. S. Riddell (1856) here

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