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Mass readings in Scots: Seventeenth Sunday of the Year (Year B)

First reading
2 Kings 4:42-44

Nou a man cam frae Baal-shalishah wi an offerin o first-fruits for the man o God, twenty barley cakes an garden fruit i his bag. An he says, "Gie these tae the fowk for meat." But his servant says, "Hou am A tae pit this afore a hundrit men?"  But he says, "Gie it tae the fowk for meat; for the Lord says, 'Thare will be meat for thaim an some ower.' " So he pit it afore thaim, an they ate an thare wes mair than eneuch, as the Lord haed said.

[Own translation level 1/2 24/7/21 methodology here.]

Responsorial Psalm
Psalm 144(145):10-11,15-18 (resp. v.16)

Ye braid yer loof, an' toom aneugh, o' yer gudeness, till a' on live.

Lord, yer doens, they praise ye a';
an' sants o' yer ain, they suld speak ye fair: 
The weight o' yer kingryks, folk maun tell; 
an' ay on yer rightousness words maun ware: 

Ye braid yer loof, an' toom aneugh, o' yer gudeness, till a' on live.

The een o' the lave leuk a' till thee! 
an' ye gie them bread belyve: 
Braidin yer loof, an' toomin aneugh, 
o' yer gudeness, till a' on live. 

Ye braid yer loof, an' toom aneugh, o' yer gudeness, till a' on live.

Right is the Lord in ilk gate o' his ain, 
an' kindly in a' that his han' does:  
Nieborlie ay is the Lord, till a' wha cry on himsel; 
till a' wha cry on himsel, right heartilie. 

Ye braid yer loof, an' toom aneugh, o' yer gudeness, till a' on live.

[From Psalm 145 in The Psalms: frae Hebrew intil Scottis P. Hately Waddell (1891) here]

Second reading
Ephesians 4:1-6

I entreat ye, than, I the Lord’s bondman, to gang on in mainner wordie o’ the bode wi’ whilk ye are biddin; wi’ a’ laichness o’ mind and canniness; tholin lang, forbearin wi’ ane anither, in love takin tent to keep the ane-ness o’ the Spirit, i’ the union-bond o’ peace. Ae body; ae Spirit; e’en as ye war bidden in ae hope o' yere biddin; ae Lord; ae faith; ae bapteezin; ae God and Faither o’ us a’; he wha is ower a’, and throwe a’, and in a’. 

[From The New Testament in Braid Scots William Wye Smith (1904) here]

Gospel reading
John 6: 1-15

Eftir thir thingis Jesus went ouir the see of Galilee, that is Tyberiadis. And a gret multitude followit him; for thai saw the taknis that he did on thame that war seek. Tharfore Jesus went into ane hill, and sat thare with his discipilis. And the pasche was full nere, a feest day of the Iewis.

Tharfore quhen Jesus had liftit vp his een, and had sene, that a gret multitude com to him, he sais to Philip, "Quharof sal we by laaues, that thir men ete?" Bot he said this thing, tempting him; for he wist quhat he was to do. Philip ansuerde to him, "The laaues of twa hundreth pennyis suffices nocht to thame, that ilk man tak a litil quhat. Aan of his discipilis, Andro, the bruther of Symon Petir, sais to him, "A child is here, that has five bere laaues, and ij fischis; bot quhat ar thir amang sa mony?" Tharfor sais Jesus, "Mak ye thame sitt to mete." And thare was mekile hay in the place. And sa men sat to the mete in novmer as five thousande. And Jesus tuke five laaues, and quhen he had done thankingis, he departit to men that sat to mete, and alsa of the fisches als mekile as thai walde. And quhen thai war fillit, he said to his discipilis, "Gader ye the relefis thatt ar left, that thai perische nocht. And sa thai gaderit, and fillit xij coffynis of brokin mete of the five barlie laaues and ij fisches, that left to thame that had eten. Tharfore tha men, quhen thai had seen the signe that he had done, said, "For this is verralie the prophet that is to cum in this warlde." And quhen Jesus had knawne that thai war to cum to tak him, and mak him king, he fledde allaan agane into an hill.

[From The New Testament in Scots Murdoch Nisbet [c.1520] (1903) vol 2 here]

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