Saturday 30 November 2019

Mass readings in Scots: First Sunday of Advent (Year A)

First reading
Isaiah 2: 1-5

The redde Isaiah, the son o' Amoz, saw fornenst Judah an' Jerusalem.
Come the hinmaist days it sal be,
the height o' Jehovah's biggin
sal be snod on the head o' the hills,
an' heize'd bune ilka riggin;
an folk frae ilka lan' sal win till't,
like a flude that's rinnin.
An' mony a kin sal win; an' it's ay:
"We maun tak the road;
an' up till the height o' Jehovah,
an' till the biggin o' Jakob's God!
an' he'll airt us the feck o' his gates;
an' his roddins, we'll haud ay by them:
for it's but frae Zioun the right maun gae,
an' the word o' the Lord fra Jerusalem."
It's Himsel, for the folk maun right,
an' wyte 'mang mony nations:
till pleughs syne, their swurds they sal dight,
an' their speirs intil mawin-airns:
an' the swurd, they sal swee nae mair;
an' skaith, they sal ettle nae mair;
the folk again ane anither:

Bot, it's Jakob's houss, i' the light o' the Lord, ye maun come,
an' we'se gang thegither!

[From Isaiah frae Hebrew intil Scottis, by P. Hately Waddell 1879 (Amazon US here; Amazon UK here)]

Responsorial Psalm
Psalm 121: 1-4, 8-9

Fu' fain was I whan they said to mysel,
Till the houss o' the Lord lat us gang:
Our feet, they sal stan'
i' thae yetts o' yer ain, Jerusalem.

Jerusalem 's bigget fu' braw;
like a brugh a bigget a' by itslane:
For thar, niebor-kins, they maun gather an' a':
the Lord's niebor-kins; the trysts o' Israel;

For my brether's saik, for my niebors' saik,
I maun e'en cry, Lown be in thee!
For the houss o' the Lord, that's God o' our ain,
I maun sook a' that's guid for thee!

[From Psalm 122, The Psalms: frae Hebrew intil Scottis P. Hately Waddell (1891) here]

Second reading
Romans 13: 11-14

And, kennin the time, that it is an ’oor e’en noo for us to wauken oot o’ sleep: for noo is oor salvation narer-haun than whan we first believed. The nicht is far gane; the dawin comes on. Pit we awa, than, the warks o’ darkness, and lat us tak the wapins o’ licht! Lat us work, honorably, as in the licht o’ day: no in bruilzies and druckenness, no in lewdness and wantonnese, no in castins-oot and envyin. But pit ye on the Lord Jesus Christ; and hae nae trokin wi' the flesh and its corrupt desires.

[From The New Testament in Braid Scots William Wye Smith (1904) here]

Gospel reading
Matthew 24: 37-44

[Jesus said untill his discipels:] "But as the days o’ Noe wer, sae sall alsua the comin’ o’ the Son o’ man be. 38 For as in the days that wer afore the fluid, they wer eetin’ an’ drinkin’, marryin’ an’ giein’ in marriage, until the day that Noe enteret intill the airk, an’ kennetna until the fluid cam’ an’ tuik them a’ awa; sae alsua sall the comin’ o’ the Son o’ man be.Than sall twa be in the field; the ane sall be taen, an’ the ither left. Twa women sall be grindin’ at the mill; the ane sall be taen, an’ the ither left.

"Watch therfor: for ye kenna what hoor your Lord deth come. But ken this, that gif the guidman o’ the hous had kennet in what watch the thief wad come, he wad hae watchet, an’ wadna hae tholet his hous til be brokin up. Therfor be ye alsua readie: for in sic ane hoor as ye trowna the Son o’ man comith."

[From The Gospel of St. Matthew in Lowland Scotch, from the English Authorised Version. By H. S. Riddell (1856) here]

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