Sunday 17 November 2019

Mass readings in Scots: Thirty-Third Sunday of the Year (Year C)

First reading
Malachi 3: 19-20

For see, the day is comin, it is burnin like an oven; aw the men o pride an aw that dae evil will be dry stems o grass: an i the day that is comin they will be burnit up, says the Lord o Armies, till they hae no a root or a branch. But tae ye that gie worship tae ma name, the sun o richteousness will come up wi new life i its wings.

[Own translation 17/11/19. Level 1. See here for details.]

Luke 21: 5-19

And whan some war tellin aboot the Temple, hoo it was buskit wi’ bonnie stanes and offerans, he said, "As to thir things ye look at, the days wull come whan no ae stane sal be left on anither, that salna be dung doon.” And they speirit at him, “Maister; whan, than, sal thir things be? and whatna token sal be gien whan thir things are comin to pass?”

And he said, “Tak tent that ye be-na misleared! for a hantle wull come i’ my name sayin, 'I am he!’ and, ‘The time has come!’ - Gang-ye-na eftir them! And, whan ye may hear o’ wars and tulzies, be-ye-na fley’t; for thir things maun come aboot; but the end is no belyve.” Than said he to them, "Nation wull rise again nation, and kingdom again kingdom; and eke great yirdins, and plagues, and famines wull thar be; unco things o’ dreid, and great tokens i' the lift wull thar be.

“And, afore a’ thae things, they wull lay hauns on ye; and wull persecute -giean ye up to kirks and
dungeons- leadin awa afore kings and governors for my name’s sake. But it sal a’ be for you a
testimonie. Sae, hae it siccar in yere hearts, no to be puttenoot aforehaun aboot makin defence; for I wull gie ye a mooth and wyssheid that no ane o’ thae settin their sels again ye sal be fit to staun up again! But ye’se be gien up, e’en by parents, and brithers, and kin, and freends: and they’se pit some o’ ye to deid; and ye’se be hatit by a’ men, for my name’s sake: but no a hair o’ yere heid sal perish! But patiently thole, and mainteen yere sauls."

[From The New Testament in Braid Scots William Wye Smith (1904) here]

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