Saturday, 11 November 2017

Mass readings in Scots: Thirty-second Sunday of the Year (Year A)

Gospel reading
Matthew 25: 1-13

[Jesus spak' this parable until his disciples:]

"Than sall the kingdom o’ heaven be evenet until ten maidens, wha teuk their lamps, an’ gaed furth to meet the bridegroom. An’ five o’ them were wise, an’ five were fulish. They wha were fulish teuk their lamps, an’ teuk nae oulie wi' them: but the wise teuk oulie in their crusies wi’ their lamps. While the bridegroom taiglet, they a’ dover’t an sleepet. An’ at midnicht there was a cry made, 'Behald, the bridegroom cometh ; gae ye out to meet him!' Syne a’ thae maidens rase up, an’ trimmet their lamps. An’ the fulish said until the wise anes, 'Gie us o' your oulie, for our lamps are gane out.' But the wise maidens answer’t, sayin’, 'It maunna be sae, lest there binna eneugh for us an’ you, but gang ye rather til them wha sell, an’ coff for yoursels.' An’ while they gaed to coff, the bridegroom cam’; an’ they wha were ready gaed in wi’ him til the bridal, an’ the door was steeket. Afterward cam’ alsua the tither maidens, sayin’, 'Lord, Lord, open til us.' But he answer’t an’ said, 'Verily I say unto you, I dinna ken ye.' Watch, therefore; for ye ken neither the day nar the hour wharein the Son o’ man cometh."

[From The Gospel of St. Matthew, Translated Into Lowland Scotch, by George Henderson (1862) here]

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