Saturday, 23 June 2018

Mass readings in Scots: Birthday of St John the Baptist (Vigil Mass)

Gospel reading
Luke 1: 5-17

Thar  was, in the days o’ Herod, King o’ Judea, a priest ca’d Zachariah, o’ Abijah’s coorse; and his wife was o’ the dochters o’ Aaron, and she was ca’d Elizabeth.  And they war baith richt-leevin afore God, walkin i’ the Commauns and appointments o’ the Lord wyte- less. And they had nae bairn, for that Elizabeth bure-na; and they war baith growin auld. 

Noo it cam aboot, that while he was doin priestly service afore God i’ the order o’ his coorse, as was the custom o’ the priesthood, it was his lot to offer incense, enterin intil the Temple o’ the Lord. And the thrang o’ folk were oot-by, prayin, at the ’oor o’ the incense-offeran. 

And thar appear’t to him an Angel o’ the Lord, staunin on the richt side o’ the incense-altar. And Zachariah was uncolie putten-aboot whan he saw him, and fear cam on him. But the Angel says to him, “ Be-na fleyt, Zachariah! for yere prayer has been heard, and yere wife Elizabeth sal bear a son t’ye, and his name ye’se ca’ John. And ye sal hae joy to ye, and rejoicin, and mony sal be blythe at his birth. For he sal be michty afore the Lord, and he’se drink nae wine nor strong drink; and he sal be fu’ o’ the Holie Spirit, e’en frae the womb. And mony o’ Isra’l’s sons wull he weise roun’ till the Lord their God. And he sal gang afore him i’ the spirit and micht o’ Elijah to weise roun’ faithers’ hearts till their bairns, and the dour to the wyss-heid o’ the gude; to mak ready for the Lord a prepared folk.”

[From The New Testament in Braid Scots William Wye Smith (1904) here]

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