Saturday, 9 March 2019

Mass readings in Scots: First Sunday of Lent (Year C)

Luke 4: 1-13

And Jesus, fu’ o’ the Holie Spirit, cam again frae the Jordan, and was led to the wilderness by the Spirit, forty days bein tempit by Sautan. And naething did he eat i’ thae days; and eftir, he was hungerin. And the deevil said to him, “Gin ye be God’s Son, speak to this stane, that it may turn to a bannock!” And Jesus made answer to him,“It is putten-doon: Man leeves-na on breid alane, but on ilka word o’ God !”

And he led him up, and pointit oot till him a’ the kingdoms o’ the yirth, in a moment o’ time. And the deevil says to him, “To thee wull I gie a’ this rule — -a’thegither — and the glorie (for it has been gien up to me; and I gie it till wham I wull). Gin aiblins thou worship me, a’ sal be thine!" And makin answer to him, Jesus says, “It is putten-doon

Ye sal worship the Lord yere God,
and to him alane sal ye do service!”

And he led him to Jerusalem, and set him on a towerickie o’ the Temple, and says to him, “Lout jersel doon. For it is putten-doon,

He sal gie his Angels chairge ower ye,
 to defend ye;


I’ their hauns sal they uphaud ye,
that ye ding-na yere fit on a stane!”

And answerin, quo’ Jesus to him, “It is said:

Ye sanna temp’ the Lord yere God!”

And, endin’ a' his temptations, the deevil depairtit frae him till anither time.

[From The New Testament in Braid Scots William Wye Smith (1904) here]

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