Sunday 22 September 2019

Mass readings in Scots: Twenty-Fifth Sunday of the Year (Year C)

First reading
Amos 8: 4-7

Tak tent, ye that dird on the puir,
e’en tae gar the hummle o the kintra tae cease,
sayin, ‘Whan wull the muin hae passed,
that we micht buy corn?
Or the Sabbath, that we micht apen the wheat,
makkin the ephah wee an the shekel muckle,
an tae mak the deceitfou ballances fauss,
that we micht buy the helpless wi siller
an the puir for a pair o sandles,
an sell the caff o the wheat?’
The Lord haes sweired by the pride o Jaucob,
‘Shairly, I’ll no forleit aw their warks for aye.'

[From The Beuk o Amos:  Sneddon, D. (2009). The Beuk o Amos. Theology in Scotland, 16(1), pp. 97-110 here]

Gospel reading
Luke 16: 1-13

And [Jesus] was sayin till his ain disciples, “A rich man thar was, wha had a grieve; and he was wytit wi’ wastin his haddin. And haein him afore him, he said, ‘Whatna clash aboot ye is this I hear! Gie in yere reckonin as grieve; for ye'se be grieve nae mair!' But the grieve said till his sel, ‘My lord taks awa my office frae me: what sal I do? I am-na fit to delve; I wad be sham’d to beg! I ken what I wull do! sae that whan I am putten-oot o' the grieve's place, they may tak me into their hooses!'

“And sae, biddin ilka ane o' his lord’s debtors to come till him, he speirs at the first, 'Hoo muckle are ye awn to my lord?' And he says, 'A hunner cogs o' ulyie.’ He says to him, 'Tak yere bill, and sit doon, and haste to mak it fifty!’ And he said to the neist ane, ‘Hoo muckle are ye awn to my lord?’ And he said, ‘A hunner bows o’ wheat.’ He says to him, ‘Tak yere accounts, and write auchty!’

“And his lord commendit the fause grieve for doin wysslie; for the bairns o’ the warld are, in their ain generation, wysser than the bairns o’ the licht!

“And I say t’ye, Mak to yersels freends o’ unrichtous gear; that whansae’er it may fail ye, they sal tak ye in till everlastin bidin-places! Ane faithfu’ and leal i’ the least, is faithfu’ in mickle! Gif, than, ye arena faithfu’ in unrichtous gear, who wad gie in til yere keepin the true riches? And gif ye be-na faithfu’ in what is anither’s, wha sal gie you yere ain?

“Nae servant can be in service tae twa maisters; for aither the ane he hates, and the tither he lo’es; or to the ane he wull haud, and lichtlie the tither: ye canna be in service baith to God and Mammon!”

[From The New Testament in Braid Scots William Wye Smith (1904) here]

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