Saturday 30 June 2018

Mass readings in Scots: Thirteenth Sunday of the Year (Year B)

Gospel reading
Mark 5: 21-43

And quhen Jesus had gaan vp eftsone ouer the see, and mekile pepile com togiddir to him, and was about the see. And aan of the princis of the synagogis, be name Jairus, com, and saw him, and fel doun at his feet, and prayit him mekile, and said, "My douchtir is neire deid: cum thou, put thi hand on hir, that scho be saif, and leeue." And he went furth with him and mekile pepile followit him, and threstit him.

And a woman had bene in the bludy flux xij yere, and had resauet full mony thingis of full mony leches, and had spendit al hir gude, and was nathing amendit, bot was rather the weir. Quhen scho had herde of Jesu, scho com amang the pepile behind, and tuichet his clething, for scho said, "That gif I tuiche ye his clething, I salbe saif." And anoon the well of hir blude was driet vp and sche feld in body that scho was heilit of the seeknes. And anoon Jesus knew in himself the virtue that was gaan out of him, and turnit to the pepile, and said, "Quha tuichet my clathis?" And his disciplis said to him, "Thou seis the pepile thresting thee, and sais, "Quha tuichet me?" And Jesus luket about to se hir that had done this thing. And the woman dred and quakit, wittand that it was [done] in hir, and com and fel doun before him, and said to him al the treuthe. And Jesus said to hir, "Douchtir, thi faith has made thee saaf; ga in pece, and be thou haale of thi seeknes."

Yit quhile he spak, messingeris com to the prince of the synagog, and sais, "Thi douchtir is dede: quhat traualis thou the Maistire ferther?" Bot quhen the word was herde that was said, Jesus said to the prince of the synagog, "Will thou nocht drede, anly beleue thou." And he tuke na man to folou him, bot Petir, and Johnne, and James the bruthir of Johnne. And thai com into the hous of the prince of the synagog, and he saw noise, and men wepand and wailand mekell. And he yede in, and said to thame, "Quhat are ye trubilit and wepis? the damycele is nocht deid, bot slepis." And thai scornit him. Bot quhen al war put out, he takis the fadere and the modere of the damycel, and thame that war with him, and thai entire quhare the damycele lay. And he held the hand of the damycele, and said to hir, "Thabithacunj"; that is to say, "I say to thee, Damysele, aryse." And anoon the damysele raase, and yede; and scho was of xij yeres. And thai war abaisit with gret stonaying. And he comandit to thame gretlie that na man suld wit it; and comandit to geue to hire mete.

[From The New Testament in Scots Murdoch Nisbet [c.1520] (1901) vol 1 here]

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