Saturday, 26 August 2017

Mass readings in Scots: Twenty-first Sunday of the Year (Year A)

Gospel reading
Matthew 16:13-20

Whan Jesus had come intil the kintra-side o’ Philip’s Cesarea, he speir’t at his disciples, “Wha dae folk say the Son o’ Man is?” And quo’ they, “Some, John the Baptist; and some, Elijah; and ithers, Jeremiah, or ane o’ the Prophets.” He says to them, “But wha say ye that I am?” And Simon Peter spak, and quo’ he, “ Thou art the Anointit Ane, the Son o’ the Leovin God!” And Jesus answerin, says till him, “ Happy are ye, Simon, son o’ John! for nae flesh and blude tell’t it t’ye, but my Faither i’ the Heevens. And I say t’ye, ye are a Rockman; and on this Rock wull I bigg my kirk; and the yetts o’ Hell sal nevir owercome it! And I wull gie t’ye the keys o’ Heeven’s Kingdom; and what ye sal bind on the yirth sal be bund in Heeven; and what ye sal lowse on the yirth sal be lowsed in Heeven.” Than chairged he the disciples no to tell ony man he was the Anointit Ane.

From The New Testament in Braid Scots William Wye Smith (1904) here

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