Saturday 2 September 2017

Mass readings in Scots: Twenty-second Sunday of the Year (Year A)

First reading
Jeremiah 20: 7-9

O Lord, ye hae been false tae me, an A wis tricked; 
ye are stranger an hae overcome me: 
A hae become a thing tae be lauchit at aw the day, 
awbody makes sport o me.
For ivery word A say is a cry for help; 
A say wi a loud voice, "Bangstrie an wasting!"
because the word o the Lord is made a shame tae me
an a cause o lauchin aw the day.
An gin A say, "A winna keep him in mind, 
A winna say another word in his name"; 
then it is i ma heart as a burnin fire shut up in ma bones,
an A am weary o haudin massell in, 
A canna dae it.

[Own translation level 1 30/8/20 methodology here]

Responsorial Psalm
Psalm 62: 2-6, 8-9 (resp. v2)

My saul, it maun win till thee, [O Lord my God].

O God, ye are God o' my ain; wi' the glintin I sought yersel:
my saul, it maun win till thee;
my bouk, it clings for yerlane,
in a dry drowthy lan', whar nae watirs be:

My saul, it maun win till thee, [O Lord my God].

Till see ye again i' yer halie howff;
till leuk on yer might an' yer gloiry syne.
For yer gudeness is mair nor life, 
my lips sal gie laud till thee: 

My saul, it maun win till thee, [O Lord my God].

Sae blythe maun I bid thee, ay while I live; 
my loov's I maun lift till that name o' thine. 
As wi' creesh an' wi' talch, sal my saul be sta't; 
an' wi' liltin lips sal my mouthe gang free : 

My saul, it maun win till thee, [O Lord my God].

For ye 'been a stoop till mysel; 
i' the scaum o' yer wings I sal lilt an' laud. 
My saul, it hauds eftir ye close; 
yer right han', till me it 's a gad.

My saul, it maun win till thee, [O Lord my God].

[From Psalm 63 in The Psalms: frae Hebrew intil Scottis P. Hately Waddell (1891) here]

Second reading
Romans 12: 1-2

I entreat ye, than, brethren, by the mercies o’ God, that ye render yersels as a leevin, holie, weel-pleasin offeran to God - a proper, rational service. And no to be conform to this warld, but to be transformed by the renewin o’ yere mind, that ye may pit to the prufe what is God’s gude, and perfete, and acceptable wull. 

[From The New Testament in Braid Scots William Wye Smith (1904) here]

Gospel reading
Matthew 16: 21-27

Frae that time furth begoude Jesus til shaw untill his discipels how that he maun gang untill Jerusalem, an’ thole mony things o’ the elders an’ chief priests an’ scribes, an’ be killet, an’ be ræset agane the thrid day. Than Peter tuik him, an’ begoude til rebuke him, sayin’, "Be it fer frae thee, Lord: this sallna be untill thee." But he' turnet an’ said untill Peter, "Get thee behint me, Sattan: thou art ane offence untill me; for thou saaverestna o’ the things that be o’ God, but thae that be o’ men."

Than said Jesus untill his discipels, "Gif ony man wull come efter me, let him deny himsel’, an’ tak’ up his cross, an’ follo me. For whasaeevir wull saufe his liffe sall lose it; an’ whasaeevir wull lose his liffe for my sak’ sall fin’ it. For what is ane man profitet, gif he sall gaine the haill warld an’ lose his ain saul? or what sall ane man gie in nifferment for his saul?

"For the Son o’ man sall come in the glorie o’ his Fæther wi’ his angils; an’ than he sall rewaird ilka man accordin’ til his warks."

(From The Gospel of St. Matthew in Lowland Scotch, from the English Authorised Version. By H. S. Riddell (1856) here)

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