Saturday, 2 September 2017

Mass readings in Scots: Twenty-second Sunday of the Year (Year A)

Gospel reading
Matthew 16: 21-27

Frae that time furth begoude Jesus til shaw untill his discipels how that he maun gang untill Jerusalem, an’ thole mony things o’ the elders an’ chief priests an’ scribes, an’ be killet, an’ be ræset agane the thrid day. Than Peter tuik him, an’ begoude til rebuke him, sayin’, "Be it fer frae thee, Lord: this sallna be untill thee." But he' turnet an’ said untill Peter, "Get thee behint me, Sattan: thou art ane offence untill me; for thou saaverestna o’ the things that be o’ God, but thae that be o’ men."

Than said Jesus untill his discipels, "Gif ony man wull come efter me, let him deny himsel’, an’ tak’ up his cross, an’ follo me. For whasaeevir wull saufe his liffe sall lose it; an’ whasaeevir wull lose his liffe for my sak’ sall fin’ it. For what is ane man profitet, gif he sall gaine the haill warld an’ lose his ain saul? or what sall ane man gie in nifferment for his saul?

"For the Son o’ man sall come in the glorie o’ his Fæther wi’ his angils; an’ than he sall rewaird ilka man accordin’ til his warks."

(From The Gospel of St. Matthew in Lowland Scotch, from the English Authorised Version. By H. S. Riddell (1856) here)

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