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Mass readings in Scots: Twenty-fifth Sunday of the Year (Year A)

First reading
Isaiah 55: 6-9

Syne seek till the Lord, whan he's in yer ca';
an' cry till himsel, whan he's no far awa.
Lat the ill-man quat his ill-gate;
an' the man o' mischieff, his debait:
an' win back till the Lord, for he'll rew on him syne;
an' till God o' our ain, for he's unco kin'.
For it's no, thought o' mine, thought o' yours;
nor it's no, gate o' yours, gate o'  mine:
bot heigh owre the yirth as the lifts are,
sae heigh abune your gates are my gates;
an' my thoughts abune thoughts o' thine.

(From Peter Hately Waddell (1879) Isaiah: Frae Hebrew intil Scottis, J. Menzies & Co, Edinburgh and Glasgow (reprint Lightning Source UK Ltd, Milton Keynes, ISBN 9-781274542106 (Amazon UK here; Amazon US here)).)

Responsorial Psalm
Psalm 144: 2-3, 8-9, 17-18

I maun heize ye heigh; an' laud yer name, for evir an' ay:
Ilka day, I maun roose yersel; an' laud yer name for evir an' ay.
Fu' gran' 's the Lord, an' weel to be laudit;
end o' his greatness nane can be:

Kind an' pitifu' ay is the Lord;
lang or he lowes; and rews right fain:
Gude's the Lord till a' forby;
an' his pitie, atowre his warks ilk ane.

Right is the Lord in ilk gate o' his ain,
an' kindly in a' that his han' does:
Nieborlie ay is the Lord, till a' wha cry on himsel;
till a' wha cry on himsel, right heartilie.

The Psalms: frae Hebrew intil Scottis P. Hately Waddell (1891) here

Second reading
Letter of St Paul to the Philippians 1:20-24, 27

Crist salbe magnifijt in my body, outhir be lijf, outhir be deid. For to me to leeue is Crist, and to dee is wynnyng. That gif to leue in flesch, is fruit of werk to me, and quhat I sal chese, I knaw nocht. Bot I am constrenyeit of ij thingis, I haue desire to be dissoluit, and to be with Crist, it is mekile mare bettire; Bot to duell in flesch, is nedefull for you.

Aanly leue ye worthilie to the gospele of Crist, that quhethir quhen I cum and se you, outhir absent I here of you, that ye stand in aa spirit of aa will, traualand togiddire to the faith of the euangele.

The New Testament in Scots Murdoch Nisbet [c.1520] (1903) vol 2 here

Gospel reading
Matthew 20:1-16

[Jesus said till his disciples] "For the Kingdom o’ Heeven is like till a man, a laird, wha gaed oot i’ the dawin, to hire workers intil his vine-yaird. And whan he had ’greet wi’ the laborers for a hauf-merk a day, he sent them intil his vine-yaird. And he gaed oot aboot the chap o’ nine, and, saw ither anes staunin idle i’ the merkit. And quo’ he to them, ‘Gang ye as weel intil the vine-yaird, and whate’er is richt, ye sal hae!’ And they gaed their ways. And again he gaed oot aboot twal’, and thrie o’clock, and did the same. And at fyve he gaed oot, and faund mair staunin; and, quo’ he, 'Hoo is’t ye staun here, idle a’ the day?' They say, 'For that nae man fee’d us!' He says to them, ‘Gang ye as weel intil the vine-yaird; and whate’er is richt, that sal ye hae!’ Sae whan gloamin was come, the laird o’ the vine-yaird says to his grieve, 'Ca' the workers; and gie them their fee; beginnin frae the hinmaist doon to the first.’ And whan they o' fyve o’clock cam, they gat ilk man a hauf-merk. And whan the first cam, they trow’d to hae gotten mair; and they, as weel, gat ilka man a hauf-merk. And whan they gat it, they yammer’t again the gudeman, saying, 'Thir last anes hae putten-in ae ’oor, and ye hae made them even wi’ us, wha hae dreed the weary cark and scouther o’ the day!' But he answer’t ane o’ them, and quo’ he, ‘Freend, I do ye nae wrang! Did-ye-na tak-on wi’ me for a hauf-merk? Tak what belangs t’ye, and gang yere gate ! It is my wull to gie to this last e’en as to you.  Is't no richt to hae my ain wull in my ain things? Is your ee skellied because I am upricht?’ Sae the hinmaist sal be first, and the first hinmaist. For mony are bidden, but no a’ acceptit.”

The New Testament in Braid Scots William Wye Smith (1904) here

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