Saturday, 19 January 2019

Mass readings in Scots: Second Sunday of the Year (Year C)

Gospel reading
John 2: 1-12

[Thar] was a bridal at Galilee Cana, and Jesus’ mither was thar; and baith Jesus and his disciples had a bode to the bridal. And whan the wine ran dune, Jesus' mither said to him, “The wine’s a’ dune!” Quo' Jesus, “ Eh, wumman, what hae I to do wi’ ye e'noo? My 'oor will be here belyve!” But hie mither coonsell’t wi’ the servants, “Whatsae he bids ye,  gang and do it.” And thar war staunin sax stane jars, according as the Jews purify’t theirsels; and ilk wad haud twa-thrie firkins. And Jesus had them fill the watir-jars wi' watir. And they teemed them lippin-fou. And be spak till them, "Dip oot noo, and tak to the Maister o’ the feast!” And they gaed wi’t. As sune as the Maister o’ the feast bad pree’d the watir wine (and kent-na whaur it cam frae; but the servants kent), he cry’t to the bride-groom, "Ilka man wales oot his best wine to hansel the feast; and whan folk are weel slocken’t, than feshes the second-wale; but ye hae hained the best wine till noo!”

Sae Jesus begude to do his wunner-works in Galilee-Cana, and schawed forth his glorie: and the
disciples lippened on him. And syne he gaed doon to Capernaum, wi’ his mither, and his ain folk, and the disciples; and they stoppit thar a wheen days.

[From The New Testament in Braid Scots William Wye Smith (1904) here]

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