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Mass readings in Scots: Third Sunday of the Year (Year C)

First reading
Nehemiah 8: 2-6, 8-10

An Ezra the priest pat the Law afore the gatherin o the fowk, afore the men an weimen an aw thai that coud unnerstaun it, on the first day o the seventh month. He wes readin it i the wide place afore the wattir-port, frae creek till nuin, i the hearin o aw thae men an weimen whaes wuts coud unnerstaun it; an the lugs o aw the fowk wes apen ti the Buik o the Law.

An Ezra the scribe taen his place on a touer o wood that thai haed made for the purpose. An Ezra taen the buik, apenin it afore the een o aw the fowk (for he wis heicher than the fowk); an whan it wes apen, aw the fowk stuid. An Ezra gien praise ti the Laird, the gret God. An aw the fowk liftin up thair haunds i answer says, "Sae be it! Sae be it!" An wi bent heids thai gien wirship ti the Laird, fawin doun on thair faces i the yird. An Ezra spak plain the words o the Buik o the Law o God an gien the sense o't, sae thair wuts coud unnerstaun it.

An Nehemiah, that wes the maister, an Ezra, the priest an scribe, an the Levites that wes the dominies o the fowk, says til aw the fowk, "This day is halie ti the Laird yer God; dinna grieve an dinna greit." For aw the fowk wes greitin on hearin the words o the Law.

Than he says ti thaim, "Gang awa nou, an tak the fat for yer meat an the sweet wine for yer drink, an send sum til him for wham naething is made reddie: for this day is halie til oor Laird: an dinna grieve i yer herts; for the joy o the Laird is yer strang place."

[Own translation, level 2 (24/1/19) methodology here]
Responsorial Psalm
Psalm 18: 8-10, 15

The redden o' the Lord right thro'-gaen is,
wauk'nin the saul:
the truth-tryst o' the Lord right sikker is,
makin wyss the weanlike.

The visitins o' the Lord right-recht are,
makin the heart fu' fain:
the bidden o' the Lord right soun' is,
enlight'nin the een.

The dread-thought o' the Lord right healsome is,
abydan for evir:
the rightins o' the Lord are trew,
an rightous ane wi' anither.

Lat the words o' my mouthe,
an' the thought o' my heart,
be for pleasur i' yer sight, O Lord,
my strenth an' my hame-bringer.

[From Psalm 19, The Psalms: frae Hebrew intil Scottis P. Hately Waddell (1891) here]

Second reading
1 Corinthians 12: 12-14, 27

For e’en as the body is ane, and has a hantle o’ members, but a’ the members o’ the body, mony as they may be, are ae body, sae e’en in Christ. For in ae Spirit, are we a' in ae body bapteez't, aither Jews or Greeks, aither bond or free; and war made to a’ drink o’ ae Spirit.

Noo, ye are Christ’s body ; and allenarlie, members.

[From The New Testament in Braid Scots William Wye Smith (1904) here]

Gospel reading
Luke 1:1-4; 4: 14-21

Inasmuckle as mony hae taen in haun to pit doon in order a narration o’ thae things that hae been made siccar amang us, e’en as they, wha war at first-haun witnesses and followers o’ the Word, gied them till us; it seemed gude to me as weel, haein kent frae the first a’ things perfetely, to write to you in set order, O weel-deservin Theophilus, that ye micht hae fu’ knowledge o’ the certaintie o’ the things in whilk ye hae been trained.

And Jesus came back i’ the Spirit’s pooer to Galilee; and a din gaed oot aboot him a' throwe the hail kintra roun’. And he was teachin i’ their kirks, bein mickle thocht o’ by them a’.

And he cam intil Nazareth, whaur he had been brocht up; and gaed in, as he aye did, to the kirk,
on the Sabbath day, and stude up to read; and thar was gien to him the buik o’ Esaiah the Prophet; and openin the buik, he faund whaur it was putten-doon:

The Spirit o’ the Lord is on me,
for that he has anointit me
to preach gude tidins to the puir;
he has sent me to tell oot their release to the prisoners,
and to the blin’ receivin o’ sicht;
to send awa free thae that war wranged.
To soond oot the blessed day o’ the Lord!

And closin the buik, he gied it again to the beadle, and sat doon; and a’ een i’ the kirk war on him. And he begude to say to them, “This day is this writin come to pass i’ yere hearin!”

[From The New Testament in Braid Scots William Wye Smith (1904) here]

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