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Mass readings in Scots: Sixth Sunday of Easter (Year C)

First reading
Acts 15: 1-2, 22-29

Ande sum com doun fra Judee, and taucht brethire, that bot ye be circumcidit eftir the law of Moyses, ye may nocht be made saaf.Tharfore quhen thar was made nocht litil discentioun to Paule and Barnabas aganis thame, thai ordanit that Paule and Barnabas, and sum vthir of thame, suld ga up to the apostilis and preestis in Jerusalem, on this questioun.

Than it plesit to the apostilis, and to the eldirmen, with al the kirk to chese men of thame and send to Antioche with Paule and Barnabas, Judas, that was namet Barsabas, and Sylas, the first men amang brethir; And wrate be the handis of thame,

"Apostilis and eldirmen, brethir, to thame that ar at Antioche, and Syrie, and Cilicie, brethir of hethin-men, greting. For we haue herd that sum went out fra vs, and trubilit you with wordis, and subuertit your saulis, to quhilk men we comandit nocht, It plesit to vs gaderit into aan, to chese men, and send to you with our maast dereworthe Barnabas and Paule, Men that gaue thar lyes for the name of oure Lord Jesu Crist. Tharfor we send Judas and Sylas, and thai sal tell the sammin thingis to you be wordis. For it is sene to the Haligaast and to vs, to put to you nathing mare of charge, than thir nedeful thingis, That ye abstene you fra the offiit thingis of malmentis, and blude, and strangilit, and fornicatioun. Fra quhilkis ye kepand you, sal do wele. Faire ye wele."

[From The New Testament in Scots Murdoch Nisbet [c.1520] (1905) vol 3 here]

Responsorial Psalm
Psalm 66: 2-3, 5-6, 8

O God be mercyfull to vs
and send to vs thy blissing,
Thy face schaw vs sa glorious.
And be euer to vs luiffing: 
That men on eird may knaw thy way,
Thy sauing heill and rychteousnes.
That thay be nocht led nicht nor day,
Fra thy preceptis, and trew Justice,
To seik Saluatioun quhair nane is.

Lat all the pepill reioyis glaidlie,
Because thow dois rycht without blame.
The peple dois thow Juge trewlie,
And ordouris euerie Natioun.
Thow hes declarit the eird justlie,
Euer sen the first Creatioun,
Throw thy godlie prouisioun.

The peple moste spred thy name sa hie.
All peple,  O God, mon geue the honour :
The eird alswa rycht plenteouslie,
Mot incres euer moir and moir.
And God, quhilk is our God, ouer all,
Mot do vs gude and plesour.
God mot blis vs, greit and small.
And all the warld him honour,
Alway for his mycht and power.

[Complete version of Psalm 67 (given without lectionary deletions), Wedderburn et al., The Gude and Godlie Ballatis [1567] (1897) pp.136-7] here]

Second reading
Apocalypse 21: 10-14, 22-23

And [the angel] take me up in spirit into a gret hill and hie; and he schewit me the hali citee Jerusalem, cummand doun fra heuen of God, having the cleertee of God; and the licht of it like a precious staan, as the staan iaspis, as cristall. And it had a wall gret and hie, having xij yettis, and in the yettis of it xij angelis, and names writtin in, that ar the names of xij lynages of the sonnis of
Israel; Fra the east iij yettis, and fra the north iij yettis, fra the west thre yettis, and fra the south thre yettis. And the wall of the citee had xij fonndmentis, and in thame the xij names of xij apostilis, and of the lamb.

And I saw na tempile in it, for the Lord God almychtj and the lamb, is the tempile of it. And the citee has na nede of sonn, nor mone, that thai schyne in it; for the cleertee of God sal lichtin it; and the lamb is the lanterne of it.

[From The New Testament in Scots Murdoch Nisbet [c.1520] (1905) vol 3 here]

Gospel reading
John 14: 23-29

[Jesus sais to his discipilis:]

"Gif ony man luvis me, he sal kepe my word;
and my fader sal lufe him,
and we sal cum to him,
and we sal duelle with him.
He that luvis me nocht, kepis nocht my wordis;
and the word quhilk ye haue herde is nocht myn,
bot the fadris that send me.
Thir thingis I haue spokin to you,
duelling amang you;
that ilk Haligaast, the confortour,
quham the fadere sal send in my name,
he sal teche yow al thingis,
and sal schaw yow al thingis,
quhat euir thingis I sal say to you.
Pece I leif to yow,
my pece I geue to yow;
nocht as the warld gevis, I geue to yow;
be nocht your hart affrait, nor drede it.
Ye haue herde that I said to you,
I ga, and cum to you.
Gif ye luvit me, forsuthe ye suld haue ioy, for I ga to the fader,
for the fader is gretare than I.
And now I haue said to yow before that it be done,
that quhen it is done, ye beleue."

[From The New Testament in Scots Murdoch Nisbet [c.1520] (1903) vol 2 here]

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