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Mass readings in Scots: The Feast of the Body and Blood of Christ (Year C)

First reading
Genesis 14: 18-20

An Melchizedek, keeng o Salem, the priest o the Maist Heich God, taen breid an wine, an, sainin him, said,

"Lat the sainin o the Maist Heich God, makker o heiven an yird, be on Aubram:
an lat the Maist Heich God be ruised, that haes gien intae yer haunds thaim that wis agin ye."

Syne Aubram gien him a tent o aw the guids an gear he haed taen.

[From The Old Testament in Scots, vol. 1, The Pentateuch, [Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Nummers, Deuteronomy] trans. Gavin Falconer and Ross G. Arthur (2014) (translation into Plain Scots under the auspices of the Ullans Academy) ISBN 978-1-78324-005-0. Amazon US here. Amazon UK here.]

Responsorial Psalm
Psalm 109 (110): 1-4 (resp. v.4)

Thou art ane priest forevir 
efter the oordir o' Melchizedek. 

The Lord said untill my Lord, 
"Sit at my richt han', 
untill I mak' thine enimies thy fit-stule." 

Thou art ane priest forevir 
efter the oordir o' Melchizedek.

The Lord sail sen' 
the rodd o' thy streneth owt o' Zion: 
ruul thou in the middle o' thine enimies. 

Thou art ane priest forevir 
efter the oordir o' Melchizedek.

Thy peeple sall be wullin' in the daye o' thy powir; 
in the beutie o' haliniss, 
frae the wome o' the moornin'; thou hest the dewe o' thy youdith. 

Thou art ane priest forevir 
efter the oordir o' Melchizedek.

The Lord heth swurn, an' wullna rew, 
"Thou art ane priest forevir 
efter the oordir o' Melchizedek." 

Thou art ane priest forevir 
efter the oordir o' Melchizedek.

[From Psalm 110, The Book of Psalms in Lowland Scots Henry Scott Riddell (1857) here]

Second reading
I Corinthians 11: 23-26

What I tauld ye cam doun tae me frae the Lord, an it is this: the Lord Jesus, on the nicht whan he wis betrayed, tuik a laif an, efter he hed speired the blissin, brak it an said, "This is my bodie at is gíen for ye: dae this in remembrance o me." I the same wey, whan the sipper wis by, he tuik the caup an said, "This caup is the new Covenant, sealed wi my bluid: dae this as affen as ye drink it, in remembrance o me. For ilka time at ye ait this breid an drink this caup, ye proclaim the Lord's deith, till he comes."

[From The New Testament in Scots (2012), translated by W. L. Lorimer, Canongate Classics, ISBN 978 0 85786 285 3, Amazon UK here, Amazon US here.]

Gospel reading
Luke 9: 11-17

But the folk, comin to ken, follow’t [Jesus]. And he took them to him, and spak to them o’ the Kingdom o’ God; and healed thae that stude in need o’ healin’.

Noo as the day begude to wear awa, the Twal', comin nar, says to him, “Send ye the folk awa, that they may gang to the touns and clachans roond to lodge and fend: for we are here in a desert bit.” But he said to them, “Ye gie them to eat!” But they said, “We hae nae mair nor fyve bannocks, and twa speldrins; unless we soud gang and buy meat for a’ thir folk!” For thar war aboot fyve thoosan’ men. And he said to his disciples, “Gar them sit doon in companies o’ aboot fifty.” And they did sae, and gar’t them, ane and a’, sit doon. And, takin the fyve bannocks and the twa speldrins, he lookit up Aboon, and bless’d them, and brak them, and gied to the disciples, and they to the folk. And they did a’ eat, and war satisfy’t; and what was left ower was taen up, twal baskets o’ broken meat.

[From The New Testament in Braid Scots William Wye Smith (1904) here]

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