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Mass readings in Scots: Feast of Our Lord Jesus Christ, Universal King (Year C)

First reading
2 Samuel 5: 1-3

Then aw the tribes o Israel came tae David i Hebron an says, "Truly, we are yer bone an yer flesh. I the past whan Saul wis king ower us, it wis ye that went at the heid o Israel whan they went oot or came i: an the Lord says tae ye, 'Ye are tae be the keeper o ma people Israel an their ruler.' " Sae aw the heid yins o Israel came tae the king at Hebron; an King David made an agreement wi thaim i Hebron afore the Lord: an they put the holy oil on David an made him king ower Israel.

[Own translation, level 1, 18/11/19. For details of methodology see here]

Responsorial Psalm
Psalm 121: 1-5

Fu' fain was I whan they said to mysel,
Till the houss o' the Lord lat us gang:
Our feet, they sal stan' i' thae
yetts o' yer ain, Jerusalem.

Jerusalem 's bigget fu' braw ;
like a brugh a bigget a' by itslane:
For thar, niebor-kins, they maun gather an' a':
the Lord's niebor-kins;

the trysts o' Israel;
till gie laud, to the name o' the Lord, wi' a sang.
For thar now are dight, the throns o' the right;
the throns o' King David's line!

[From Psalm 122, The Psalms: frae Hebrew intil Scottis P. Hately Waddell (1891) here]

Second reading
Colossians 1: 11-20

And be confortit in al virtue be the mycht of his cleernes, in al pacience and lang abiding with ioy, that ye do thankingis to God and to the fader, quhilk made yow worthi into the part of heretage of hali men in licht quhilk deliuerit vs fra the power of mirknessis, and translatit into the kingdom of the sonn of his luving, in quham we haue aganebying and remissioun of synnis.

Quhilk is the ymage of Gode vnuisibile,
the first begottin of ilk creature.
For in him althingis ar made,
in heuenis and in erde,
visibile and vnuisibile,
outhir thronis, outhir dominatiounns, outhir princehedis, outhir poweris,
althingis ar made of nocht be him, and in him,
And he is before all,
and al thingis ar in him.
And he is hede of the body of the kirk;
quhilk is the begynnyng
and the first begottin of dede (men),
that he hald the dignitee in al thingis.
For in him it pleisit
al plentee to inhabite,
And be him al thingis to be reconncilit to him,
and made pece
be the blude of his croce,
tha thingis that ar in erdis, outhir that ar in heuenis.

[From The New Testament in Scots Murdoch Nisbet [c.1520] (1903) vol 2 here]

Gospel reading
Luke 23: 35-43

An others sterted tae mock [Jesus] as weel, 'He saves ithers -but he canny save himsel. If he comes doon aff there, we'll believe him -even noo! He trusted oan God an said he wis his Son. Weel then -let the Faither save the Son!'


Then wan o the criminals oan the next cross said tae him, 'Hey freen, are ye no the Christ? Gauny prove it then an save yersel -aye, an us tae while ye're aboot it.' But the other criminal shouted ower, 'Belt up you! We deserve tae die, but this man didny dae ony wrang. Then he whispered ower tae Jesus, 'Will ye keep mind o me?' An Jesus said, 'Today ye'll be wi me in Paradie -I promise...'

[Paraphrase from A Glasgow Bible Jamie Stuart (1997), St Andrew Press, ISBN: 0 7152 0749 0, Amazon UK here, Amazon US here.]

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