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Mass readings in Scots: Fourth Sunday of Lent (Year A)

First reading
1 Samuel 16: 1b, 6-7, 10-13a

An the Lord says tae Samuel: " Tak oil i yer vessel an gae; A will send ye tae Jesse, the Bethlehemite: for A hae got a king for mysel among his sons."

Nou whan Samuel came, lookin at Eliab, he says: "Clearly the man o the Lord's selection is before him. But the Lord says tae Samuel: "Dinna tak note o his face or hou tall he is, because A will no hae him. For the Lord's view is no man's; man takes note o the outer form, but the Lord sees the heart."

An Jesse made his seven sons come before Samuel. An Samuel says tae Jesse, the Lord has no taen any o these. Then Samuel says tae Jesse: "Is aw yer bairns here?" An he says: "Thare is still the youngest, an he is lookin after the sheep. An Samuel says tae Jesse: "Send an make him come here: for we will no tak our seats till he is here." Sae he sent an made him come i. Nou he haed rit hair an bonny een an pleasin looks. An the Lord says: "Come, put the oil on him, for this is he."  Then Samuel took the bottle o oil, an put the oil on him thare among his brothers: an from that day the Spirit o the Lord came on David wi pouer.

[Own translation. Level 1, 21/3/20. Methodology here]

Responsorial Psalm
Psalm 22

The Lord God is my Pastor gude,
Aboundantlie me for to feid:
Than how can I be destitute
Of ony gude thing in my neid?
He feidis me in feildis fair,
To Reueris sweit, pure, and preclair,
He dryuis me but ony dreid.

My Saull and lyfe he dois refresche.
And me conuoyis in the way
Of his Justice and rychteousnes.
And me defendis from decay,
Nocht for my warkis verteousnes,
Bot for his name sa glorious,
Preseruis me baith nycht and day.

And thocht I wauer, or ga wyll,
Or am in danger for to die,
Na dreid of deide sall cum me till.
Nor feir of cruell Tyrannie.
Because that thow art me besyde,
To gouerne me and be my gyde,
From all mischeif and miserie.

Thy staffe, quhair of I stand greit awe,
And thy scheip huke me for to fang,
Thay nurtour me, my faultis to knaw,
Quhen fra the hie way I ga wrang.
Thairfoir my spreit is blyith and glaid,
Quhen on my flesche thy scurge is laid.
In the rycht way to gar me gang.

And thow ane Tabill dois prouyde
Befoir me, full of all delyte,
Contrair to my persewaris pryde,
To thair displesour and dispyte.
Thow hes annoyntit weill my heide.
And full my coupe thow hes maid,
With mony dischis of delyte.

Thy gudnes and beningnitie
Lat euer be with me thairfoir; 
And quhill I leue vntill I die,
Thow lay thame vp with me in stoir,
That I may haif my dwelling place,
Into thy hous befoir thy face,
To Ring with thé for euer moir.

[From Psalm 23, p. 91, The Gude and Godlie Ballatis [1567] John Wedderburn et al., Alexander Ferrier (ed.) (1897) Contains metrical versions of some scripture passages and some metrical psalms here]

Second reading
Ephesians 5: 8-14

Ae time ye war aa mirkness, but nou i the Lord ye ar aa licht. Líve your lives, than, as men at belangs tae the licht, for the crap at licht feshes up is aa kin o guidness, richteousness, an truith. Be ey seekin tae finnd out what is pleisin tae God. Be naither airt nor pairt i the barren deeds o them at bides i the mirk, but raither apenlie condemn them, for the things at they dae in hiddlins isna een tae be spokken o wiout shame. But aathing at is apenlie condemned is made manifest bi the licht, for aathing at is made manifest is itsel made licht. An sae the hyme says:

Wauk ye, sleeper,
rise ye up frae the deid,
an Christ upò ye sal shíne!

[From The New Testament in Scots (2012), translated by W. L. Lorimer, Canongate Classics, ISBN 978 0 85786 285 3, Amazon UK here, Amazon US here.]

Gospel reading
John 9: 1-41

And as [Jesus] gaed by he saw a man wha was blin’ frae he was born. And his disciples speir’t at him, "Maister! whase sin was’t? the man’s ain sin, or his faither and mither’s, that he was born blin’?” Jesus answer’t, “Naither his ain sin, nor his faither’s and mither’s; but for that the warks o’ God soud be seen in him.

"I maun do the warks o’ him that sent me,
while it is day:
the nicht comes on, when man canna work.
While I am in the warld,
I am the warld’s licht.”

Whan he had said this, he spat on the grun’, and made clay o’ the spittle, and pat the clay on the blin’ man’s een. And bad him, "Gang awa, wesh ye in the pool o’ Siloam” (whilk means “Sent”). He gaed his gate tharfor, and wesh’t, and cam back seein.

Than the neebors, and the folk that afore had seen him, and kent the beggar, said, "Isna this the ane that sat and beggit?” Some again, “It is he !” Ithers, "It’s like him!” Quo’ he, "I am he!” Sae they speir’t at him, "Hoo than are yere een unsteekit?” He answer’t, and quo’ he, "The man they ca’ Jesus made clay, and pat it on my een, and tell’t me, 'Gang yere ways to the Pool o’ Siloam, and wesh ye!’ And I gaed and I wesh’t, and I gat my sicht.” And quo’ they to him, "Whaur is he?” He said, “I ken-na.”

They fesh till the Pharisees the man that o’ auld time was blin'. Noo it was the Sabbath, the day that Jesus wrocht the clay, and unsteekit the man’s een. Ance mair the Pharisees speir’t at him, hoo he had gotten his sicht? Quo’ he, "He pat clay on my een, and I wesh’t - and I see!” Sae quo’ some o’ the Pharisees, "This man is no o’ God, for he keeps-na the Sabbath!” Quo' ithers, "Hoo can a man fu’ o’ sin do sic wunner-warks?” And thar was contention amang them. Than said they again to the man that was blin’, "What say ye aboot him, sin’ he has open’d yere e’en?” Quo’ he, "He is a Prophet!”

But the Jews wadna believe - anent the man’s bein blin', and winnin to his sicht - till they ca’d the parents o’ him that had gotten his sicht. And they speir’t at them, “Is this yere son, wha, as ye say, was born blin’? Hoo than is he noo seein?” His parents answer’t, and quo’ they, "We ken weel that this is oor son; and that he was born blin’; but hoo he noo sees, or wha has unsteekit his een, we kenna: he is come to age; speir at him: he his ain sel wull tell ye.” Thir things spak the parents, for that they war fley’t o’ the Jews; for the Jews had plottit amang theirsels, that gin ony man soud own him to be the Christ, he soud be putten oot o’ the kirk. And sae said his parents, "He is come to age; speir at him!”

Sae they ca’d back again the man that had been blin’, and quo’ they to him, "Gie the praise to God! we a’ ken that this man is no a gude man.” But quo’ he to them, "Gin he be a gude man or an ill man, I ken-na ; ae thing I dae ken, that ance I was blin’, and noo I see!” And than again they said to him, "What was’t he did till ye? Hoo did he unsteek yere een?” He answer’t, "I tell’t ye juist e-noo, and ye didna hear me! Why wad ye hear it ower again? wull ye be his disciples?” And they misca’t him, and said, "Ye are his disciple! but we are Moses’ disciples! We ken that God has spoken to Moses; as for this ane, we kenna whaur he is frae!” The man answer’t, and quo’ he, "Why, here is an unco ferlie; that ye kenna whaur he is come frae, and yet he has unsteekit my een! We ken that God hears-na ill men; but gin ane worships God, and dis his wull, him he hears. Sin’ the warld begude was it ne’er heard that ony ane unsteekit the een o’ a man born blin’! Gin this man warna o’ God, he coud do naething!” They answer’t, and quo’ they to him, "Ye war born in sin, oot and oot; and wad ye teach us?” And they cuist him oot.

Jesus was tell’t that they had cuisten him oot; and as sune as he faund him he says to him, "Dae ye believe on the Son o’ God?” He answerin said, "And wha is he, Lord? sae as I may believe on him?” Jesus says to him, "Ye hae baith seen him, and it is he wha is speakin w’ye!” And he cry’t oot, “Lord, I believe!” and he worshipp’t him.

And quo' Jesus,

"For judgment
cam I tae this warld;
that the blin’ may see,
and the seein be made blin’.”

And thae o’ the Pharisees that war wi’ him heard thir words, and quo’ they to him, "Are we blin', as weel?” Jesus says to them,

"Gin ye war blin’,
the sin wadna be on ye;
but noo ye say, 'We see!’
yere sin is whaur it was!”

[From The New Testament in Braid Scots William Wye Smith (1904) here]

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