Thursday 17 May 2012

Habebimus episcopum (perhaps)

Front page news in the (Glasgow) Herald yesterday was that Bishop Tartaglia of Paisley will be the next Archbishop of Glasgow.

The BBC website however is slightly less sure, noting that no decision has yet been made.

If Tartaglia is appointed, Scotland can expect to see the continued presence of a strong Catholic voice against modern lunacies. Bishop Tartaglia last attracted media attention in October last year for his attack on the Scottish Government:

“I sense that there is a growing apprehension and disappointment on the part of many in the Catholic community at the direction your government is taking,” he tells the First Minister. “Like others, I had begun to entertain the hope that yours would be a government of national unity which had the sagacity to move forward towards an independent Scotland by respecting and developing the historic foundational values of faith and reason which have contributed to making Scotland a nation.”

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