Saturday 24 June 2017

Mass readings in Scots: Twelfth Sunday of the Year (Year A)

First reading
Jeremiah 20: 10-13

"For numbers o thaim say evil secretly i ma hearin,
'There is fear on ivery side!'
They say, 'Come, let us give witness against him!'
Aw ma nearest friends,
wha are watchin for ma fall, say,
'It may be that he will be taken bi deceit,
an we will get the better o him an give him punishment!'
But the Lord is wi me as a great ane, greatly tae be feared:
sae ma attackers will have a fall, an they will no overcome me:
they will be greatly shamed, because they have no done wisely,
e'en wi an unendin shame, kept i memory for iver.
 But, o Lord o Armies, testin the upricht
an seein the thouchts an the heart,
let me see yer punishment come on thaim;
for A have put ma cause before ye.
Make melody tae the Lord,
give praise tae the Lord:
for he has made the soul o the poor man free
from the hands o the evil-doers."

[Own translation, level 1 (19/06/20). See here for details of methodology.]

Responsorial Psalm
Psalm 68: 8-10, 14, 17, 33-5 (resp. v.14)

O God, i' the feck o' yer gudeness, hearken me hame.

For, for thee I hae tholed the scorn;
schame, it has happit my face:
Frem hae I been till my brether;
no-kent till my ain mither's sons.
For the kiaugh o' yer houss, it has glaum'd me up;
an' the jeers o' wha gibet yersel, they een cam a' down on me.

O God, i' the feck o' yer gudeness, hearken me hame.

Bot me, O Lord, my bidden's
yer ain i' the likely time:
O God, i' the feck o' yer gudeness, hearken me hame;
i' the trewth o' heal-ha'din that's thine.
Hearken me, Lord, for yer gudeness is gude;
i' the rowth o' yer pitie, leuk owre till me.

O God, i' the feck o' yer gudeness, hearken me hame.

A' lown-livin folk, they sal see; wha spier ay for God, sal be blythe,
an' the hearts o' ye a' sal thrive.
For the Lord he sal hearken the puir;
an' his folk in sic thrall, he sal ne'er mislippen.
Lilt till him syne sal the lift an' the lan';
the fludes, an' ilk haet that gangs wurblin thro' them.

O God, i' the feck o' yer gudeness, hearken me hame.

[From Psalm 69, in The Psalms: frae Hebrew intil Scottis P. Hately Waddell (1891) here]

Second reading
Romans 5: 12-15

Sin intilt the warld throu ae man, an at Sin's back cam Deith, an sae Deith wan throu til aa men, because ane an aa they sinned. Nae dout but there wis sin i the warld afore there wis law, but whaur nae law is, there downa be nae imputin o sin. For aa that, Deith ringed as a kíng aa the time frae Aidam tae Moses een owre them at their sins wisna, like Aidam's, contraventions o law or commaunds. Sae Aidam is a paittren o him at wis tae come.

But there is an unco odds atween the transgression an the free gift. Deith wis brocht on the haill o mankind bi the transgression o the ae man, but a fell hanter gryter is the guid at the haill o mankind hes gotten frae the grace o God an the gift at cam bi the grace o the man Jesus Christ.

[From The New Testament in Scots (2012), translated by W. L. Lorimer, Canongate Classics, ISBN 978 0 85786 285 3, Amazon UK here, Amazon US here.]

Gospel reading
Matthew 10:26-33

[Thir twal Jesus sent oot, and chairged them, sayin,]

“Be-na fley’t at them than; for thar is naething cover’t that sanna be uncover’t ; and hid, that sanna be kent. What I tell ye i’ the mirk, tell ye oot i’ the licht ; and what ye hear whush’t i’ the lug, proclaim ye on the hoose-taps!

"And dreid-na them wha slay the body, but canna slay the saul! but raither dreid ye him wha is able to wreck saul and body in hell! Arena twa sparrows gaun for a bodle? And ane frae mang them fa’s-na on the grund withoot yere Faither! But the vera hairs o’ yere heid are a’ coontit. Dinna be dowie, than: ye are better nor mony sparrows!

"Whasae sal own me afore men, him sal I own afore my Faither wha is in Heeven. But whasae disowns me afore men, him sal I disown afore my Faither wha is in Heeven."

(From The New Testament in Braid Scots William Wye Smith (1904) here)

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