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Mass readings in Scots: Feast of the Holy Family (Year B)

First reading
Ecclesiasticus 3: 2-6, 12-14 (Permitted Year A reading)

For God haes made the faither honourable tae the bairns:
an seekan the judgment o the mithers, haes confirmit it upon the bairns.
He at luves God, sal be forgien his sins bi prayer,
an sal refrain hissel frae thaim, an sal be haird i the prayer o days.
An he at honours his mither is as ane at gaithers a treisur.
He at honours his faither sal hae joy i his ain bairns,
an i the day o his prayer he sal be haird.
He at honours his faither sal enjoy a lang life:
an he at obeys the faither, sal be a comfort tae his mither.
Son, uphaud the auld age o thy faither,
an dinna fash him i his life;
an gin his wuts fails, hae patience wi him,
an dinna despise him whan thou is i thy strenth:
for the relievin o the faither salna be forgotten.
For guid sal be repaid tae thee for the sin o thy mither.

[Own translation, level 2 (20/12/18) methodology here]

Responsorial Psalm
Psalm 127: 1-5 (Permitted Year A reading)

Blissit ar thay that sit in Goddis dreid,
And leif in his commandement alway:
Of thy hand laubour thow sail eit, be not feird,
And fair weill thow sal euerie day.

Thy wyfe salbe as ane frutefulle wyne,
And sail weill ay incres thy hous;
Thy bairnis all sail to vertew inclyne,
As fair Oliue treis that be plenteous.

Quhen euer thow sittis at thy tabill,
Thy bairnis sall stand round about thé;
Sa will the Lord make thé abill,
And fill thy hous with honestie:

Sa sall God him euer blis,
That dreidis him ay in his leifing,
Always sall he be sicker of this,
That is neidful to want na thing.

Fra Syone sall the Lord blis thé ,
That thow may sé to thy greit weill,
How prosperous Jerusalem sall be,
And thow ressauit to eternall heill.

Ane profitabill lyfe sail be geuin thé
And God alway sall be thy freind:
Thy Childeris Childring thou sall se,
And peace in Israell sall thow find.

[Complete Psalm 127, from The Gude and Godlie Ballatis [1567] John Wedderburn et al., Alexander Ferrier (ed.) (1897), p.130 here]

Second reading
Colossians 3: 12-21 (Permitted Year A reading)

Pit ye on, than, as chosen anes o’ God, holie and weel-lo’ed, the tender-affections o’ compassion, graciousness, humbleness o’ mind, canniness, patience: tholin ane-anither, in tenderness forgiean ane-anither, gin aiblins ony ane has a compleent again ony; e’en as the Lord oot o’ love forgae you, sae do ye. But ower and aboon a’ thir things, hae ye love, whilk wull bind thegither a’ things in perfeteness. And lat the peace o’ Christ be Regent in yere hearts; till whilk ye war bidden, as ae body; and be ye thankfu’.

Be the word o’ Christ dwallin in ye richly; in a’ wyss teachin and admonishin o’ yersels, in psalms, in hymns, and godly sangs: liltin i’ yere hearts to God in yere gratitude. And in a’ things, whatsae’er ye be doin, in word or in wark, do a’ in the name o’ the Lord Jesus, giean thanks to yere God and Faither throwe him. Wives, submit yersels to yere husbands, as is fittin in the Lord. Husbands, lo’e yere wives, and be-na set again them. Bairns, be ye biddable to yere parents in a’ things, for this is weel-pleasin i’ the Lord. Faithers, wauken-na up ang’er in yere bairns, least they be disheartened.

[From The New Testament in Braid Scots William Wye Smith (1904) here]

Gospel reading
Luke 2:22-40

And whan the days o’ purification by the law o’ Moses war fulfilled, they took him to Jerusalem to present him to the Lord; e’en as it is putten-doon i’ the law o’ the Lord, “Ilka male that opes a womb sal be ca’d holie to the Lord.” And to offer an offeran, as it is putten-doon i’ the law o' the Lord, “A pair o’ cushats, or twa young doos.” And mark! thar was a man i’ Jerusalem, whase name was Simeon; and this man was holie and devout, lookin’ for Isra’l’s consolation. And the Holie Spirit was on him. And the Holie Spirit had made kent to him that he soudna see death till he had seen the Anointit o’ the Lord. And he cam i’ the Spirit, intil the Temple; and whan the parents brocht in the bairn Jesus, to do for him what was the custom o’ the Law, he took him in his airms, and praised God, and said,

“Noo, wull thou dismiss thy servant, O Lord! conform to thy word, in peace!
For my een hae seen thy salvation,
whilk thou hast brocht forrit afore the face o’ a’ folk.
A licht for unveilin to the Gentiles,
and a glorie for thy folk o’ Isra’l!”

And Joseph and his mither ferlied at a’ the things that war said anent him. And Simeon bless’t them, and said to Mary his mither, “Lo! this Ane is set for the fa’in and staunin again o’ mony in Isra’l : and for a sign to be misca’d. And a sword sal thring throwe yere ain heart as weel, that the thochts o’ mony hearts may be schawn.”

And thar was ane Anna, a prophetess, Phanuel’s dochter, o’ the tribe o’ Asher; she was o’ an unco age, and bad leev’d wi’ a husband seeven year frae her maidenhood: and she bade a weedow for four-score and four year, wha left-na the Temple; and ser’t wi’ fastins and prayers nicht and day: and she too comin in at that time gied thanks to God; and spak o’ him to a’ wha war waitin for the deliverin o’ Jerusalem.

And whan they had dune a’ things conform to the law o’ the Lord, they gaed awa intil Galilee, to
their ain citie Nazareth. And the bairn grew, and wax’t strang; fu' o’ wisdom; and God’s tender favor was wi’ him.

[From The New Testament in Braid Scots William Wye Smith (1904) here]

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