Sunday 29 April 2018

Mass readings in Scots: Fifth Sunday of Easter (Year B)

Gospel reading
John 15: 1-8

[Jesus said to his disciples:]

"I am the richt Vine-stock,
and my Faither is the Dresser o’ the Vine-yaird.
Ilka branch in me that bears-na frute
he taks awa;
and ilka ane bearin frute he prunes it,
sae as it soud produce the mair.
Noo ye hae been sae pruned,
by the word I hae spoken t’ye.
Bide in me, as I bide in you.
The branch canna bear frute allenarlie;
it maun bide in the Vine-stock:
nae mair may ye, gin ye bide-na in me.
I am the Vine-stock;
ye are the Branches.
He wha bides in me, and I bide in him,
that man brings forth rowth o’ frute:
for wantin me ye naething can do.
Gin ony man bide-na in me,
he is cuisten oot as a fushionless branch,
and dwines awa;
and folk soop them thegither, and set them alowe,
and they are brunt.
But gin ye bide in me,
and my words bide in you,
ask ye what ye wad hae,
and it sal be dune t’ye !
And this gate is my Faither made glorious — that ye dae bear rowth o’ frute:
sae are ye my disciples!"

(From The New Testament in Braid Scots William Wye Smith (1904) here)

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