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Mass readings in Scots: Second Sunday of Easter (Year B)

Gospel reading
John 20: 19-31

Tharfore quhen it was euen in that day, aan of the sabotis, and the yettis war closit quhare the discipilis war gaderit for drede of the Iewis, Jesus com and stude in the myddis of the discipilis, and he sais to thame, "Pece to yow." And quhen he had said this, he schewit to thame handis and side; tharfore the discipilis ioyit, for the Lord was seen. And he sais to thame agane, "Pece to you;

"as the fader send me,
I send you."

Quhen he had said this, he blew on thame, and said,

"Tak ye the Haligast;
Quhais synnis ye forgefe,
tha ar forgeuen to thame;
and quhais ye withhald,
tha ar withhaldin."

Bot Thomas, aan of the xij, that is saide Didymus, was nocht with thame quhen Jesus com, tharfore the vther discipilis said to him, "We haue sene the Lord." And he said to thame, "Bot I se in his handis the fixing of the nailis, and put my fingire into the place of the nailis, and put my hand into his side, I sal nocht beleue." And eftir viii dais agane his discipilis war within, ande Thomas with thame. Jesus com, quhile the yettis war closit, and stude in the myddis, and said, "Pece to you." Eftirwart he sais to Thomas, "Put in here thi fingire, and se myn handis, and put hiddire thi hand, and put into my side, and will thou nocht be vnbeleeffull, bot faithfiill." Thomas ansuerd, and said to him, "My Lord and my God." Jesus sais to him,

"Thomas, for thou has sene me, thou beleues;
blessit be thai that saw nocht, and has beleuet."

And Jesus did mony vthir signes in the sicht of his discipilis, quhilkis ar nocht writtin in this buke. Bot thir ar writtin, that ye beleue that Jesus is Crist, the sonn of God, and that ye beleuynig haue lif in his name.

[From The New Testament in Scots Murdoch Nisbet [c.1520] (1903) vol 2 here]

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