Monday 5 December 2011

Advent hymns?

The post on Advent hymns in Catholicism Pure and Simple  made me think of one thing that really bugs me about being a Catholic.

When I was an Episcopalian, I could rely on 'Lo! He comes with Clouds Descending' being sung quite early on in Advent. But despite it being tantalizingly in the Laudare book used in my parish, we never get it.

Shame!! I particularly like the second verse:

Every eye shall now behold Him
Robed in dreadful majesty;
Those who set at naught and sold Him,
Pierced and nailed Him to the tree,
Deeply wailing, deeply wailing, deeply wailing,
Shall the true Messiah see.

(Yes, a revenge fantasy on everyone who's ever disagreed with or annoyed me!)

Anyway, a slightly ragged -but I think with a roughness more appropriate to Wesley than the Cathedral Choirs you can find elsewhere on Youtube- version:

And your favourites?


  1. For Advent, I like O Come O Come Emmanuel, of course, and Alma Redemptoris Mater (in fact I love all four of the great seasonal Marian antiphons - and the way they cycle through the Church's year).

    But one of my favourite hymns in terms of one I like to sing loudly at those who irritate me (especially Church Chatterers) is Let All Mortal Flesh Keep Silence!

    BTW when you try to enter the anti-spam word in your coms box, the auto-text thing pops up a lot of options, none correct, covering the word you are trying to copy; which means you have to memorise it before you start to type...

  2. 'Let all mortal flesh...' Another favourite we used to sing regularly as Piskies but never since I converted!

    On the spam blocker, I'm clueless!! Anyone any suggestions?? (Can't see any obvious way round it here.)

  3. @ Ben

    I asked no 1 child about the problem and he suggested it was something to do with your browser.

    He then started to speak in something that sounded akin to Ancient Sumerian. I am very proud of his ability to speak Ancient Sumerian but it wasn't very helpful in solving the technical issue.