Wednesday 30 April 2014

Goodbye Protect the Pope and thank you

As the whole Catholic blogosphere knows by now, the blog Protect the Pope has been effectively closed by Deacon Nick's Bishop and I've therefore removed the above image from the sidebar.

Two things to say. First, we owe Deacon Nick a great deal of thanks. Anyone who blogs will recognize the huge  work he has put into the site over the last few years and he deserves to know quite how much that work has been recognized and appreciated.

Secondly, as I've said before, shutting down blogs is in general pointless. I have nothing to say about Bishop Campbell's actions here: a Bishop and his clergy have a pastoral relationship into which outsiders should be wary of treading. In general, however, the Church needs to realize that, in a digital world, trying to micromanage evangelism from the centre will inevitably crush enthusiasm and individual talent: the easiest form of speech over which to exercise control is silence. It is particularly ironic that, while Catholic media are full of established authority figures uttering heresy, a source which has clearly tried to be orthodox and faithful is being shut down.

The only comforts here are that Deacon Nick's quite remarkable energy will now be freed up for other tasks, and that the Catholic blogosphere will go on being its existing varied self.

Thank you, Nick and Martina. May God bless you both.


  1. The good news is that Deacon Nick is involved with the School of the Annunciation at Buckfast, and will be able to contribute a great deal to that very noble enterprise.

  2. Good column, Lazaro. Good points, well made, balanced. Thanks.

  3. A good point! Their website can be found here: