Wednesday 16 May 2018

Five books on Scottish Catholic History

I was recently asked on Twitter for a recommendation for books on Scottish Catholic history, interpreted widely. Having made it clear that this is merely a highly personal (and possibly even silly) selection, here it is:

Interested to hear of alternative recommendations/comments!


  1. Have you ever come across anything by Malcolm Hay? I think he wrote mainy in the 1930s.

    1. I haven't! Were you thinking of this one:

    2. That will be the one, but it looks as though he might have written articles rather than books.

      It says here:

      GB 231 MS 2193 Collection of papers relating to Scottish Catholicism. The collection comprises transcripts (carbon copy) made by Malcolm Vivian Hay of manuscripts in Blairs College Library, Aberdeen, relating to Scots Colleges abroad, Scottish affairs in the archives of the Congregatio de Propaganda Fide, etc. I have an idea (though I don't know why) that he had published a fair bit.

  2. P.F. Anson's book on underground Catholicism in Scotland (the years of persecution) gets a bit bogged down in who delated whom to Rome for what, but it's certainly thorough. Bruce Marshall's novel "All Glorious Within" is a rich and at times hilarious picture of a Scottish parish in the first half of the C20th. I've just started reading Margaret Leigh, who wrote autobiographical works about life on Highland crofts & farms, but spiritual concerns emerge - she became a Carmelite nun eventually.