Wednesday, 16 May 2018

Five books on Scottish Catholic History

I was recently asked on Twitter for a recommendation for books on Scottish Catholic history, interpreted widely. Having made it clear that this is merely a highly personal (and possibly even silly) selection, here it is:

Interested to hear of alternative recommendations/comments!


  1. Have you ever come across anything by Malcolm Hay? I think he wrote mainy in the 1930s.

  2. P.F. Anson's book on underground Catholicism in Scotland (the years of persecution) gets a bit bogged down in who delated whom to Rome for what, but it's certainly thorough. Bruce Marshall's novel "All Glorious Within" is a rich and at times hilarious picture of a Scottish parish in the first half of the C20th. I've just started reading Margaret Leigh, who wrote autobiographical works about life on Highland crofts & farms, but spiritual concerns emerge - she became a Carmelite nun eventually.