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Mass readings in Scots: Pentecost Sunday

First reading
Acts 2: 1-11

Ande quhen the dais of Penthecoste war fillit, all the discipilis war togiddir in the sammin place. And suddanlie thar was made a sound fra heuen, as of a gret wynd cummand, and it fillit al the hous quhare thai sat. And diuerse tonngis as fire apperit to thame, and it sat on ilk of thame. And all war fillit with the Haligaast, and thai began to spek diuerse langages, as the Haligaast gaue to thame for to spek.

And thare war in Jerusalem duelland Iewis, religiouse men, of ilk natioun that is vndir heuen. And quhen this voce was made, the multitude com togiddir, and thai war astonait in thoucht, for ilk man herde thame spekand in his langage. And all war astonayit, and wonndrit, and said togiddir, "Quhethir nocht al thir that spekis ar men of Galilee, And how herde we ilkman his langage in quhilk we war born? Parthi, and Medi, and Elamite, and thai that duellis at Mesopotamie, Judee, and Capaddocie, and Ponthe, and Asie, Phrigie, and Pamphilie, Egipt, and the partijs of Libie, that is about Syrenen, and cumlingis Romanis, and Iewis, and proselitis, Men of Crete, and of Arabie, and we haue herd thame speke in our langages the gret thingis of God."

[From The New Testament in Scots Murdoch Nisbet [c.1520] (1905) vol 3 here]

Responsorial Psalm
103: 1, 24, 29-31, 34

Bliss the Lord, O my saul.
O Lord my God, thou art verra grit;
Lord, howe moniefald ar thy warks!
the yirth is fu' o' thy riches.

Thou takist awa thair breæth, thaye dee,
an' return til thair dust.
Thou sen'ist furth thy speerit ; thaye ar creaatet,
an' thou makist new agayne the fece o' the yirth.

The glorie o' the Lord sail induur forevir;
the Lord sail rejoyce in his warks.
My meditatione o' him sail be sweet;
I wull be gladsume in the Lord.

[From Psalm 104, The Book of Psalms in Lowland Scots Henry Scott Riddell (1857) here]

Second reading
1 Corinthians 12: 3b-7, 12-13

[N]o man may say, "the Lord Jesu", bot in the Haligaast.

And diuerse graces thar ar. Bot it is all aa spirit; and dyuerse seruices thar ar, bot it is all aa Lord; and diuerse wirkingis thar ar, bot it is all aa God, that wirkis althingis in althingis. And to ilkman the schewing of spirit is geven to proffite.

For as thar is aa body, and has mony membris, and al the membris of the body quhen tha ar mony, ar aa body, sa alsa Christ. For in aa spirit al we ar baptizit into aa body, outhir Iewis, othir hethen men, outhir seruandis, outhir fre; and al we ar fillit with drink in aa spirit.

[From The New Testament in Scots Murdoch Nisbet [c.1520] (1903) vol 2 here]

Gospel reading
John 20: 19-23

 Tharfore quhen it was euen in that day, aan of the sabotis, and the yettis war closit quhare the discipilis war gaderit for drede of the Iewis, Jesus com and stude in the myddis of the discipilis, and he sais to thame, "Pece to yow." And quhen he had said this, he schewit to thame handis and side; tharfore the discipilis ioyit, for the Lord was seen. And he sais to thame agane, "Pece to you.

"As the fader send me,
I send you."

Quhen he had said this, he blew on thame, and said,

"Tak ye the Haligast;
Quhais synnis ye forgefe,
tha ar forgeuen to thame;
and quhais ye withhald,
tha ar withhaldin."

[From The New Testament in Scots Murdoch Nisbet [c.1520] (1903) vol 2 here]

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