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Mass readings in Scots: Thirty-second Sunday of the Year (Year B)

First reading
1 Kings 17:10-16

And he rase and yede into Sarepta of Sidonijs. And quhen he had cummin to the yet of the citee, a woman wedou gaderand stickis apperit to him, and he callit hir, and said to hir, "Geue thou to me a litil of watir in a veschell, that I drink." And quhen scho yede to bring, he crijt behind hir bak, and said, "I beseke, bring thou to me alsa a morsele of brede in thi hand." And scho ansuerde, "Thi Lord God leevis, for I haue na brede, nocht bot als mekile of mele in a pot as a neef may tak, and a lidl of oile in a veschell: lo! I gader ij stickis, that I entir and mak it to me, and to my sonn, that we ete and dee." And Helie said to hir, "Will thou nocht dreed, bot ga, and mak as thou said. Neuirtheles, mak thou first to me of that litil mele a litil brede bakin vndir assis, and bring thou to me; suthlie thou sal mak eftirwart to the and to thi sonn." Forsuthe the Lord God of Israel sais thir thingis, 

'The pot of mele sal nocht failye, 
and the veschel of oile sal nocht be made lesse,
till to the day in quhilk the Lord sal geue 
ra3m on the face of the erde.' 

And scho yede and did be the word of Helie; and he ete, and scho, and hir hous: and fra that day the pot of mele failyeit nocht, and the veschel of oile was nocht slakit, be the word of the Lord quhilk he had spokin in the hand of Helie.

[From The New Testament in Scots Murdoch Nisbet [c.1520] (1905) vol 3, pp.307-8 here]

Responsorial Psalm
Psalm 145 (146): 7-10 (resp. v.2)

Gie laud till the Lord, O my saul!

[It is the Lord] wha bides by the trewth evir mair:
wha rights amang sair-tholin folk; 
wha ay ettles bread for the hungry, 
the Lord lats the thirl-bun' gang.

Gie laud till the Lord, O my saul!

The Lord, he can lighten the blin'; 
the Lord, he can straught the twa-fauld; 
the Lord loes the rightous weel:
The Lord keeps haud o' the frem; 

Gie laud till the Lord, O my saul!

the orph'lin an' widow, he stoops; 
bot the gate o' ill-doers, he dings.
The Lord sal be King for ay! 
That God o' yer ain, O Zioun, is frae ae folk's time till anither: 
Laud till the Lord gie ye!

Gie laud till the Lord, O my saul!

[From Psalm 146, The Psalms: frae Hebrew intil Scottis P. Hately Waddell (1891) here]

Second reading
Hebrews 9: 24-28

For no intil Holies made-wi’-hauns did Christ gang in -that war but figures o’ the true Holies- but
intil Heeven itsel, noo to come plainly afore the face o’ God for us. Nor yet that aft-times soud he
be offerin his sel ; like as the Heigh-priest enters the Holie-Place, year by year, wi’ ithers’ blude. Else had it been needfu’ for him aften to suffer, frae the beginnin a’ the warld. But noo, ance at the end o’ the time has he been schawn, for the settin-by o’ sin, throwe his sacrifeece. And, inasmuckle as it is laid up for men ance to dee, and eftir this the Judgment, sae Christ, haein ance for a’ been offer’t, and carry’t the sin o’ mony, sal appear a second time, apairt frae sin, to thae that fain wait for him, for their salvation.

[From The New Testament in Braid Scots William Wye Smith (1904) here]

Gospel reading
Mark 12: 38-44

And in his teachin, [...] Jesus said, “Tak tent o' the Scribes! wha like to gang aboot in lang goons, and lo’e compliments i’ the merkits,  and preferred seats i’ the kirk, and heid places at feasts: wha devoor weedows’ hames, and i’ their deceit mak lang prayers: thir sal hae the deeper condemnation.”

And he set his sel doon fornent the Treasury; and a hantle o’ them that war rich cuist in muckle. And thar cam ane, a puir weedow; and she cuist in twa mites, that mak a fardin. And he ca’d till him his ain disciples, and quo’ he, “Truly say I t’ye, this puir weedow has cuisten in mair than a’ they that are castin intil the Treasury. For a’ they, oot o’ their owercome hae cuisten in; but she oot o’ her poortith did cast in a’ she had -e’en a’ her leevin!”

[From The New Testament in Braid Scots William Wye Smith (1904) here]

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