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Mass readings in Scots: Feast of the Holy Family (Year C)

First reading
Ecclesiasticus 3: 2-6, 12-14

For God haes made the faither honourable tae the bairns:
an seekan the judgment o the mithers, haes confirmit it upon the bairns.
He at luves God, sal be forgien his sins bi prayer,
an sal refrain hissel frae thaim, an sal be haird i the prayer o days.
An he at honours his mither is as ane at gaithers a treisur.
He at honours his faither sal hae joy i his ain bairns,
an i the day o his prayer he sal be haird.
He at honours his faither sal enjoy a lang life:
an he at obeys the faither, sal be a comfort tae his mither.
Son, uphaud the auld age o thy faither,
an dinna fash him i his life;
an gin his wuts fails, hae patience wi him,
an dinna despise him whan thou is i thy strenth:
for the relievin o the faither salna be forgotten.
For guid sal be repaid tae thee for the sin o thy mither.

[Own translation, level 2 (20/12/18) methodology here]

Gospel reading
Luke 2: 41-52

Noo his parents gaed yearly to Jerusalem, at the Feast o’ the Pasche. And whan be was twal-year auld, they gaed up to Jerusalem, as was the mainner o’ the Feast. And whan they had fulfilled the days, they returned; but the lad Jesus remained ahint in Jerusalem; and Joseph and his mither kent-na. But, supposin him to be wi’ the ithers o’ the company, gaed a day’s journey, and they socht him amang their kin and acquaintance. And whan they faund-him-na, they gaed back to Jerusalem again, seekin him.

And eftir thrie days they faund him i’ the Temple, sittin wi’ the Doctors, baith hearin them and speirin quaistens at them. And a’ that heard him war astonished ayont a’ things at his wisdom and his sayins. And seein him, they ferlied uncolie; and his mother says to him, "Son, why hae ye dune this till us? See! yere faither and I hae lookit for ye in pain!” And he said, “Hoo is’t that ye socht for me? Wist-ye-na, I maun needs be i’ my Faither’s hoose?” And they kent-na the meanin o’ what he spak to them.

And he gaed doon wi’ them, and cam till Nazareth, and obey’t them; but his mither laid up a’ thae things in her heart. And Jesus wax’t in wyssheid, and in stature, and in favor wi' God and wi’ man.

[From The New Testament in Braid Scots William Wye Smith (1904) here]

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