Saturday 15 December 2018

Mass readings in Scots: Third Sunday of Advent (Year C)

First reading
Zephaniah 3: 14-18

Mak melodie, O dochter o Sion;
gie a loud cry, O Israel;
be gled an lat yer hert be ful o joy,
O dochter o Jerusalem.
The Laird haes taen awa thaim at wes judgin ye,
he haes sent yer ill-wullers far awa:
the keing o Israel, e'en the Lord, is amang ye:
ye wul hae nae mair feir o evil.
I thon day it wul be said til Jerusalem,
hae nae feir: O Sion, latna yer haunds be wauch.
The Laird yer God is amang ye,
as a strang saviour:
he wul be gled ower ye wi joy,
he wul mak his luve new agen,
he wul mak a sang o joy ower ye
as i the time o a halie fest.

[Own translation: level 2 (version 8/12/18) methodology described here]

Responsorial Psalm
Isaiah 12: 2-6

Aye, God he's my stoop fu' strang;
I sal lippen, an' nane be fley'd:
for the Lord Jehovah's my strenth an' sang;
an' a stoop till me ay he sal bide.
Fu' blythely syne, as ye sloke yer drouth,
frae wal-ees o' welcome deep eneugh;

Ay sal ye say, intil siccan a day,
Till the Lord gie ye laud wi' a sugh!
Make a sugh o' his name;
an till folk far awa, gar tell the fame o' his warks sae braw;
mak record o' the same,
for that name o' his ain it's abune them a'.

O laud the Lord for sic wark wi' his han';
it's weel eneugh kent athort a' the lan'.
Lilt an' be blythe, wha at Zioun kythe;
for mighty eneugh, i' the mids o' yersel, is Himlane that's fu' lown intil Israel!

[From Isaiah frae Hebrew intil Scottis, by P. Hately Waddell 1879 (Amazon US here; Amazon UK here)]

Second reading
Philippians 4: 4-7

Be glad i’ the Lord aye; and again I say, “Be glad!” Lat yere reasonableness be kent to a’ men: the Lord is at haun. For naething be ye trauchl’t i’ yere minds; but in a’ things by prayer and supplication, wi’ gean o’ thanks, lat yere needs be made kent to God. And the peace o’ God that is aboon a’ oor thocht, sal keep yere hearts and yere thochts in Christ Jesus.
[From The New Testament in Braid Scots William Wye Smith (1904) here]

Gospel reading
Luke 3: 10-18

And the pepile askit him, and said, "Quhat than sal we do?" He ansuerd and said to thame, "He that has ij cotis, geue to him that has nane; and he that has metis, do in like maner." And puplicanis com to be baptizit, and thai said to him, "Maistire, quhat sal we do?" And he said to thame, "Do ye nathing maire than that that is ordanit to you." And knychtis askit him, and said, "Quhat sal alsa we do?" And he said to thame, "Smyte ye wrangwislie na man, nouthir mak ye fals challange; and be ye contentit with your souldis."

Quhen al the pepile gessit, and almen thoucht in thar hartis of Johnne, or perauenture he war Crist; Johnne ansuerd and said to almen, "I baptize you in watire; bot a mychtiare than I sal cum eftir me, of quham I am nocht worthie to louse the thwang of his schoone: he sal baptize yow in the Haligast and fire: quhais windewing clathe is in his hand, and he sal purge his cornflure, and sal gader the quhete into his berne; but the caffis he sal birne with fire vnsloknabile." And mony vthir thingis alsa he spak and prechit to the pepile.

[From The New Testament in Scots Murdoch Nisbet [c.1520] (1901) vol 1 here]

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