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Mass readings in Scots: The Epiphany of the Lord

First reading
Isaiah 60: 1-6

Waukin an' light, for yer light's weel on;
an' the gloir o' the Lord, it sal crown yo:
aye, mirk it sal theek the yirth,
an' gloam on the folk it sal lye syne;

bot the Lord sal gang heigh, wi' a bleeze, owre yersel,
an' his gloir sal be seen abune yo:
an' the folk, they sal come till the lowe o' yer light,
an' kings till the skance o' yer risin.

Rax yer een roun', an' see;
they gather ilk ane, they come a' till thee; frae far eneugh owre,
yer sons they sal fuhre,
an yer dochtirs aside them sal carried be.

It's syne ye sal trimmle an' gang like a flude:
an' yer heart it sal thole, an' rax the snood:
whan sic a braw spate sal rowe yer ain gate,
an' the feck o' the folk till yersel sal swee.

Droves o' camels sal theek yo thrang;
dromedars frae Midian an' Ephah:
the lave o' siclike frae Sheba sal gang;
gowd an' spyse, they sal carry't alang;
an' sal lilt out the land o' Jehovah.

[From Isaiah frae Hebrew intil Scottis, by P. Hately Waddell 1879 (Amazon US here; Amazon UK here)]

Responsorial Psalm
Psalm 71(72):1-2,7-8,10-13

Wair yer rightins, O God, on the King;
an' yer right on the King's ain son:
he sal right-recht yer folk wi' right;
an' yer puir anes wi' right-rechtin, syne.

The rightous, fu' green in his days sal growe;
an' peace be enew, till the mune i' the lift sal pine.
Frae sea till sea sal he ring;
an' eke frae the flude that rowes, till the yonder-maist neuks o' the lan'.

Kings frae Tarshish, an' the isles,
till him sal a hansel bring;
kings out o' Sheba an' Seba, sal e'en
hae a gift till han'.
No a king, but sal lout till him; a' the hethen sal thirl till him-lane:

For the feckless that skreighs, he sal saif;
an' the puir, and wha ne'er had a stoop o' his ain:
on the weak an' forfairn he sal lay fu' light;
an' the lives o' the frienless sal hain.

[From psalm 72, The Psalms: frae Hebrew intil Scottis P. Hately Waddell (1891) here]

Second reading
Ephesians 3:2-3, 5-6

Gin at least ye hae heard o’ the stewardship o’ the grace o’ God whilk was gien to me for you, that by way o’ revelation was made plain to me the hidden secret, e’en as I wrate afore in a wee wheen words, whilk knowledge in the generations by-gane wasna made kent to the sons o’ men, as it is noo made plain to his holie Apostles and Prophets i’ the Spirit -that they o’ the nations soud be aiqual heirs, and aiqual body, and aiqual pairtners i’ the promise in Christ Jesus, by the Gude-word.

[From The New Testament in Braid Scots William Wye Smith (1904) here]

Matthew 2:1-12

Now whan Jesus was born in Bethlehem o’ Judea, in the days o’ Herod the king, behald, ther cam’ wyse men frae the east til Jerusalem, sayin’, "Whare is he that is born King o’ the Jews? for we hae seen his stern in the east, an’ ar come til wurship him." Whan Herod the king had heard thae things he was trublet, an’ a’ Jerusalem wi’ him. An’ whan he had getheret a’ the chief priests an’ scribes o’ the peeple thegither, he exaket o’ them til tell whаre Christ shud be born. An’ they said untill him, "In Bethlehem o’ Judea; for thus it is writ bie the prophet:

An’ thou Bethlehem, in the lan’ o’ Juda,
artna the weest amang the princes o’ Juda:
for out o’ thee sall come ane Governer
that sall rule my peeple Israel."

Than Herod, whan he had hiddlinslie ca’t the Wyse men, inquairet o’ them eidentlie what time the stern had kythet. An’ he sendet them til Bethlehem, an’ said, "Gang an’ seek eidentlie for the young childe; an’ whan ye hae fund him, bring me back word, that I may come an’ wurship him alsua." And whan they had heard the king they set out; an’, lo, the stern whilk they saw in the east gaed afore them, till it cam’ an’ stude ower whare the young childe was. An’ whan they saw the stern they rejoicet wi’ verra grit joy. An' whan they had come intill the hous, they saw the young childe wi’ Mary his mither, an’ fell doun an’ wurshippet him: an’ whan they had openet their thesaures, they propinet untill him giftes, gowd, frankincense, an’ myrrh. An’ bein’ wаrnet in a dream that they shudna return till Herod, they gaed awa intill their ain countrie bie anither way.

[From The Gospel of St. Matthew in Lowland Scotch, from the English Authorised Version. By H. S. Riddell (1856) here]

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