Wednesday 4 June 2014

Reply to Scottish euthanasia consultation NOW!

                                         Time to bury the Assisted Suicide Bill

The Scottish Government Consultation on the Assisted Suicide Bill ends this Friday 6 June.

Details of the Consultation are here.

Even if you don't feel able to respond in full, please at least email the Health and Sports Committee (oh the irony!) with your opposition. I'd suggest the following:

a) I oppose the principle of Assisted Suicide as it encourages the view that illness should be treated by death and will profoundly and adversely affect the provision of end of life care.

b) The Bill is merely a cosmetic rewording of the Bill previously introduced and decisively rejected in 2010. It is an abuse of Parliament to continually reintroduce defeated legislation.

My previous blogpost analyzing the new Bill is here.

[Update: Care Not Killing's submission is here.]


  1. Purely out of interest, why do you consider other people to be your property?

    1. I don't. On the assumption that this is supposed to be the core of an argument in favour of euthanasia (rather than some sort of ad for time shares or the like), not all moral or political arguments are based on property rights. I am (for example) in favour of the existing ban on smoking in public places but not because I believe smokers are my property.